MX series: Large machines for high standards

MX machines demonstrate why KraussMaffei is among the market leaders in the area of heavy machinery. In the clamping force sizes ranging from 8,500 to 40,000 kN you get a very compact, high-performance production system that features short machine times, fast cycles and a high output of molded parts. The series has a modular design and offers a wide range of configuration options. This way you can quickly upgrade the standard machine without any problem and optimally adapt it to your production requirements.

Your benefits:

High productivity thanks to:

  • Fast cycles and high output of molded parts
  • Maximum availability and minimum mold wear
  • Shortest dry cycle times
  • High-performance plasticizing units with screws of outstanding quality

High flexibility thanks to:

  • Modular design and a wide variety of configuration options
  • Suitable injection units and optimum screw designs for every task
  • Space-saving dimensions
  • Extensive upgrading options

Even as a standard machine, the MX series can serve as the basis for implementing innovative processes. This is demonstrated, for example, by the multicomponent technology called Multinject that KraussMaffei uses on these machines. With the SpinForm reversing plate technology, you can also achieve a significant increase in cost-efficiency for multi-component injection molding on MX machines. By using a multi-daylight mold in the TwinForm process you can double the output of the MX injection molding machine. Furthermore, the two-platen clamping unit of the MX is also used for the forming process with the IMC injection molding compounder. This shows the sheer endlessness of upgrading options for the series.

Powerful. Versatile. Durable. Machines in the MX series
Machines from the MX series up to a clamping force size of 1600 t are manufactured on synchronized moving assembly lines

MX brochure

You can find more information on our MX series in the brochure.
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APC brochure

Your path to zero-defect production with Adaptive Process Control (APC).

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The KraussMaffei product brand is internationally synonymous with future-oriented and cross-technology system and process solutions in injection molding machinery, reaction process machinery and automation. As a complete supplier across industries, KraussMaffei is characterized by its individual, modular or standardized products and a wide range of customized services. KraussMaffei combines decades of expertise in the manufacture of plastics machinery with its origins in Munich.