Complete range of technology for processing reactive materials

KraussMaffei's reaction process machinery has a comprehensive product portfolio in store for you. This includes metering machines, mold carriers and systems, mixing heads, foaming tools and systems for post-mold processing of components in various designs and for various tasks for a broad field of applications. This puts you in the position of being able to manufacture innovative components out of polyurethane or other reactive materials efficiently and with the best quality.

Thanks to its extensive range of products, KraussMaffei always provides you with a metering machine that is exactly right, depending on the component size and complexity, fillers, colors or additional components you need. With this you are equipped even for such demanding tasks and can successfully solve the individual problem facing you.

KraussMaffei also offers various mold carriers and systems for producing polyurethane components. The double shuttle mold carrier was developed especially for LFI applications. The electric mold carrier is particularly suited for back-foaming of instrument panels.

Cost-efficiency, reliability and minimum costs characterize the diverse portfolio of high-pressure mixing heads that KraussMaffei offers you. Linear, transfer, or special mixing heads always offer you the solution that is individually right and optimum for each of your special production requirements. You also always benefit from high shot numbers, good part quality and outstanding production output.

For post-processing molded parts, KraussMaffei provides punching, milling and special trimming technology. Furthermore, KraussMaffei offers precision punch tools.

KraussMaffei also makes molds for casting, foam-molding and backfoaming molded parts. The molds are designed specifically for your application and ensure process-specific heating. They feature ejector concepts for damage-free demolding of the components and are equipped with seal systems matched to the component.


The KraussMaffei product brand is internationally synonymous with future-oriented and cross-technology system and process solutions in injection molding machinery, reaction process machinery and automation. As a complete supplier across industries, KraussMaffei is characterized by its individual, modular or standardized products and a wide range of customized services. KraussMaffei combines decades of expertise in the manufacture of plastics machinery with its origins in Munich.