Compact robots of the LRX series

Progressive. Productive. Efficient.

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Compact robots of the LRX series - Ideal accessibility with the decentralized control cabinet concept

Ideal accessibility with the decentralized control cabinet concept

More freedom for maintenance and service in production.

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Compact and light: the new wrist axes

Servo wrist axes optimized in design and weight increase productivity by saving process times.

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Impressive precision with rack-and-pinion drive

Rack-and-pinion drive for high-precision robot positioning with fast movements in all axes.

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Greater efficiency due to digital vacuum control with air-saving function

Fully integrated in the MC6 control system: the air-saving function saves up to 90 percent of the compressed air. Leakage monitoring reports malfunctions during operation, making the planned maintenance of compressed air circuits possible.

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New control cabinet concept ensures high availability

Protected against water and dirt particles with the protection rating IP54 and optimized heat dissipation due to active ventilation during operation.

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New concept for high degree of safety

Fixed X axis provides clear access to plasticizing unit and material supplies.

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Fast and flexible with the central media portal

Central media supply allows simple gripper change and provides modular expandability of gripper functions.


The compact robots of the LRX series are a reliable pillar for your production.

The progressive design with decentralized control cabinet concept and rigid X axis provides a new form of accessibility. This guarantees flexibility for the simple retrofitting of sensors or extension with new media circuits.

Rack-and-pinion drives provide for fast, high-precision movements in all axes. A central media portal allows for fast gripper changes and supports you in production with frequent product change-overs.

New saftey concept

The new vacuum control works digitally and is completely integrated in the machine control system. The vacuum monitoring detects leakages and can actively control compressed air consumption. A revised thermal and protection concept for the electronic components with IP54 protection rating rounds off the innovative concept and provides high levels of availability and dependability for you.

Benefits for the customer

Modular system
CE-compilant production cells
Cost-effective entry-level solutions
Increase the degrees of freedom through numerous wrist axis combinations
Flexible gripper solutions
Quick demolding times
Precise repeatability
High level of productivity