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VisuX user interface

Industrial robots are highly complex. Our intelligent operating and control concept simplifies programming and operation enormously. The robots are operated either directly – via the robot control panel – or via the injection molding machine control panel. With the handheld pendant and the simplified VisuX user interface installed on it, the system user has an overview of all the functions that are essential for operating the production cell.

Your benefits

  • The same logic as MC6 machines and linear robot control
  • All the necessary robot functions are combined on one interface
  • Fast process adjustment
  • Optimal diagnostics functions
  • When integrated into an injection molding machine, reciprocal control is possible and a common logbook is provided

ProgTechX programming support

Basic programs can be written quickly using the new ProgTechX programming support. This clever command library with what are known as in-line forms makes the programming process incredibly easy and ensures error-free programming.

Your benefits

  • Reduced programming times
  • Syntax errors prevented
  • Pre-defined command sets with pre-assigned input options
  • Programming library for operating sequences (e.g. loading, demolding, archiving) is included