Mobile automation cell


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Compact and space saving

Thanks to the compact cell structure

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Can be used on injection molding machines from 35 t to 160 t

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Flexibility and mobility guaranteed

Thanks to heavy-duty load rollers and fork lift straps

Core features

The mobile automation cell was specifically developed for the flexible production of injection molded parts. Thanks to the rollermounted design, the cell can be easily and quickly moved between locations, from one injection molding machine to another, provided they have a suitable clamping force and size.

A docking console is used to connect the cell to the machine. Plug-and-play means that the cell can be easily docked and undocked, reducing the lengthy time that is required for commissioning.


  • Mobility in manufacturing
  • vielseitiges Innenleben
  • Plug-and-play: easy docking and undocking

Benefits for the customer

Flexible and mobile handling
Less space required thanks to the compact design
Guide rails for transport
Extremely sturdy thanks to the adjustable feet
Enclosure in accordance with safety requirements
Low-maintenance thanks to the encapsulated cell
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Mobile automation cell

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