Versatile peripherals

For complex automation solutions

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Most varied of grippers

Whether simple grippers with standard components such as vacuum exhausters, parallel grippers, sprue gate grippers or complex inserting and demolding grippers, we have the perfect solution for you. Benefit from economical solutions for your special requirements.

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Depending on the application: the right camera systems and testing systems

We have the right solution to suit your requirements. Simple camera systems are used when it comes to measuring, checking and counting components with straightforward shapes. Configurable image processing systems check safety- relevant components and complex geometries, undertake checks that need to be documented and carry out highly accurate measurements at high checking speeds. A great number of the tests run simultaneously, and require a great deal of lighting.

Other checking systems, e.g. for pressure checking and short-circuit checking, are available on request and can be integrated into the production cell.

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Custom delivery systems

We can provide you with standard delivery systems such as belt conveyors, conveyors for different product types, roller conveyors and chain conveyors which are driven by motors or gravity. Depending on what your application is, we can create an optimum concept for you. Pallet cages, pallets, cardboard boxes and small load carriers with different designs (e.g. multi-track) can be conveyed to or from the process.

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Different drawer systems

They are used for providing parts, exporting QA components and for buffer storage. In addition to single and double drawers, a combination of drawers and chutes is a further equipment variant. Each drawer system is equipped with a request and acknowledge button, as well as a protection guard.

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Precise sorting and feeding units

Sorting and feeding units are necessary for insertion technology or subsequent processes. For such processes, the robot requires the components to be in a reproducible, aligned position. A further plus: the peripherals can be integrated directly into the robot control system, so that only one control unit is required.

Benefits for the customer

Single-source system solutions
Individual modular technology concepts
Integrated complex peripherals
Fast product change-over

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