WizardX programming assistant

Smarter programming and operation

WizardX programming assistant

Perfect symbiosis of machine and automation

As a system partner, we supply the automation technology and machine as a fully integrated, overall concept. The machine and handling system form a functional unit in this case.

The joint control system allows both functional units to be managed on any control panel: Automation technology and machine. The machine can be operated via the handheld pendant of the robot, and vice versa.

Core features

For linear robots from KraussMaffei, there is an online programming wizard, called "WizardX", which is used in conjunction with the MC6 control unit. It makes programming the robots enchantingly simple.

Thanks to intuitive operator guidance with visual representation, the WizardX is an effective aid for programming. Even beginners can create basic demolding processes within a very short space of time. The

Benefits for the customer

Smarter programming and operation with WizardX
Prior programming knowledge is not essential
Quick and easy basic programming for pick and place applications
Error-free program generation
Reduced training expenses