KraussMaffei @K2022

KraussMaffei @K2022

Düsseldorf, October 19 - 26, Hall 15, Booth C24/D24

KraussMaffei @K2022

Düsseldorf, October 19 - 26, Hall 15, Booth C24/D24

Impressions from K 2022

Circular Economy

Plastic waste is raw material, yet there are still too few recyclates. But there are solutions for this: At K 2022, we will not only be showing the machine hardware required for the recycling process, but also new digital solutions with which maximum savings can be achieved in terms of energy consumption and CO₂ footprint. 

At our trade show booth, we will present a closed circular economy cycle in which insulin pen caps are recycled into automotive front-end carriers. All sustainability-relevant data is recorded in order to always have an overview of how much CO₂ could be saved by recycling compared to the use of virgin material. Visit us at K and find out more!

From insulin pen caps to automotive frontend carriers

PX 200-1400

A fully electric PX 200-1400 produces 96 caps per shot for an insulin pen from medical polypropylene virgin material. These caps shredded serve as the basis for the upcycling process by the ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder.


On the ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder, glass fibers and various additives such as bonding agent and liquid dye are added, mixed and homogenized. The recompound thus obtained is processed further directly in the next injection molding machine.


The powerMolding 1300-11900 with a clamping force of 13,000 kN produces front-end carriers for the automotive industry. It creates a new product with a long service life from a disposable article.




All process data related to sustainability is recorded and presented with the following digital solutions:

  • APCplus: Consistently high component quality
  • dataXplorer: The foundation for the CO₂ footprint measurement
  • socialProduction - liveCare: Condition-oriented maintenance of the machines
  • socialProduction - processSupport: Autonomous detection of anomalies in the production process
  • socialProduction - productionMonitor: Chat communication between machine and operator


Discover the wide range of possibilities offered by our digital solutions: An application developed together with Motan shows the level of energy consumption that accrues in each process step. This helps detect and improve energy consumption in a targeted manner.

Cost-effective and sustainable direct compounding with DCIM

The current situation on the raw materials markets is putting the focus on a rare material: recyclates. A trade show application from KraussMaffei shows how different starting materials can be used together. For example, DCIM (Direct Compounding Injection Molding) turns three polymers with different viscosities into a new product.

New Technologies

The world of plastics is changing. In view of dynamic markets, medium-sized and small companies have to act flexibly and cost-optimized just like established groups. KraussMaffei is responding to this development and now offers its customers in Europe and North America two additional injection molding machine series: the precisionMolding and the powerMolding.

In addition, the new precisionMixhead ensures better energy efficiency in PUR processing and allows easy maintenance.

Our product innovations


The new basic injection molding machine from KraussMaffei, precisionMolding, is the perfect entry-level solution for all-electric injection molding that allows quick, innovative responses to market requirements.

Live @K 2022: Production of a softball bat based on bioplastics.


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The new powerMolding combines a high performance level and precision with the best energy efficiency and user-friendliness. The hydraulic two-platen injection molding machine is ideal for standard applications, e.g. in the automotive, packaging, logistics, electrical and electronics industries.

Live @ K 2022: Production of an automotive frontend carrier made of 100 percent recycled material.


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The new precisionMixhead handles both simple and complex tasks in polyurethane processing and is characterized by its lower weight and economical energy consumption. A special service and repair concept saves time and costs during regular maintenance.


For industrial processing of expandable graphite, there is now a complete system comprised of a premixing station, mixing and metering machine and mixing head. The automatic premixing station guarantees that the expandable graphite is mixed gently into the polyol, which extends the usability time of the mixture. Less material and higher machine availability enable sustainable production of flameproof components, such as for use in public transportation.


The wizards of the new pioneer processControl provide the operator with step-by-step instructions for upcoming work steps. Each operator receives the information he needs at the right time. This reduces operator errors, resulting in less downtime and thus higher production efficiency.

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Our highlights 


Sustainable solutions for resource protection in plastics production

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The fully electric PX 200-1400 produces caps for insulin pens

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More speed in pultrusion with the iPul systems and molds

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World premiere of additive manufacturing solutions - unveiling on October 19.

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Producing high-quality and scratch-resistant surfaces sustainably

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Complete technology for efficient floor production.

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KraussMaffei's digital solutions automate processes, increase productivity and thus pave the way to a successfully networked future. Individualization, quality control, sustainability, speed and efficiency can be significantly improved today via tools based on intelligent data processing.

Live @K 2022: APCplus, dataXplorer, socialProduction, smartAssist, remoteAccess, pioneersClub

Our digital solutions


Stay up-to-date anytime and anywhere: socialProduction enables communication between man and machine in shared chat rooms - making injection molding machines, production processes and machine components transparent.

socialProduction - productionMonitor

guarantees a quick overview of the machine park and helps to efficiently monitor each connected machine with intelligent production key figures.

socialProduction - processSupport

continuously monitors the production process using a self-learning method.

socialProduction - liveCare

offers as a condition monitoring solution a continuous online monitoring of the wear condition of machine components - without additional external sensors. 


Intelligent and automatic control for consistently high part quality, stability, precision and cost efficiency. APCplus compensates for external influences on the molded part quality.

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Data logger for seamless recording of sensor and control data of an injection molding machine, in whose control cabinet the hardware and software is integrated.

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Comprehensive cloud-based remote support through secure access to the machine control system by a KraussMaffei expert. Software, hardware and process problems are analyzed and rectified immediately. This reduces downtimes and travel costs - and improves the CO₂ balance.

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smartAssist brings support to the scene at the touch of a button and connects your technician at the plant and the service expert. In this way, faults can be remedied virtually. Augmented reality combines real objects with virtual texts and symbols.

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smartOperation supports the operator with simple instructions even during complex production processes. Guided, fast and safe operation reduces downtimes and prevents errors during machine operation. With the help of smartOperation, even a machine operator without in-depth application expertise can start or stop the production cycle.