Background PX series (250 - 4,000 kN)

All-electric injection molding machine PX series (250 - 4,000 kN)

Power meets flexibility

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The PX series is the answer to your requests for more flexibility while increasing productivity. You can assemble your PX precisely to your production requirements from a wide selection of components based on a modular design. 

All-electric clamping unit
Individualized combination of injection and clamping units
Many additional equipment and retrofitting options available based on individual production requirements
Mold fixing platens with generous dimensions for flexible use of molds of various sizes


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  • Zero-defect production
  • Compensation for troublesome fluctuations in the manufacturing process during injection molding even faster and with greater precision
  • Ideal for cascade injection molding
  • Perfect overview
  • Individual user interface
  • 19''-Touch-screen
  • Optional: 24''-Multitouch-screen
  • Simple and clearly arranged operation
  • SplitScreen and Eco function
  • Generous free space below the clamping unit for integrating conveyor belts
  • Optimal utilization of the production space
  • Flexible combination of injection unit
  • High injection capacity
  • Optional: more injection speed
  • Optional: more nozzle contact force
  • Increase of screw drive capacity available
  • Optional: double the injection unit speed of any PX to 100 mm/s
  • Mold fixing platens with generous dimensions
  • More flexibility for mold use
  • Options are available to expand certain attributes, such as the mold installation height
  • Lower investment costs thanks to modular design
  • Maximum platen parallelism
  • Great selection of ejector versions between robust hydraulic standard ejector and precise electric ejector
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Large ejector stroke provides a great deal of flexibility for any mold
  • Perfect accessibility
  • Optional: increase of ejector force of 50 %
  • Optional: in order to optimize the removal of free-falling parts, the ejector speed can even be increased by 100 %
  • The highest safety standards
  • Space and capacity reserves for retrofits
  • Efficient energy management with recuperative mode
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PX series: Power meets flexibility

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