Background Triplex 250

Triplex Extrusion Systems 250

Economical extrusion solutions

The Triplex Extrusion Lines 250 in horizontal or vertical design are specially designed for the extrusion of smaller profiles from a maximum of three different components for the bicycle and motorcycle sector. The lines have an excellent track record for reliable operation. They are characterized by low maintenance requirements and low wear.

Fast amortization of the investment
Easy to use
Easy and quick access to the aggregates
Up to 250 mm wide profiles


  • Various extruder configurations from 60 mm - 120 mm screw diameter
  • Maximum extrusion pressure 350 bar
  • Single, dual cavity and straining possible
  • Clamping of the extrusion head via convenient C-Clamps
  • Manual removal and change of the multilayer die
  • Short installation time due to elimination of complex steel structure
  • Provision of a pit is not necessary with horizontal extruder arrangement

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