Fakuma 2018

Let's shape the future together

We are eager to show you just how serious the KraussMaffei Group is about shaping the future. A future, where mechanical and digital technologies meet and merge to create entirely new opportunities for you. Many of our newest machines, systems and services are operational proof of this. Because that future is already our reality.

Impressions of Fakuma 2018

More than machines, more value for you

More than machines, more value for you

With its new Digital Service Solutions business unit, the KraussMaffei Group is giving a boost to digitization and Plastics 4.0. At Fakuma, you can experience customer-focused offerings that combine our traditional mechanical excellence with digital excellence and create measurable added value for you.

Digital Service Solutions

Customer Care

Our current traditional and future service: All solutions are consistently developed from customer to customer and implemented in the market.

Customer Value

Bundling of all activities for innovation and implementation of new business models in the market.

Digital Solutions

Digitale Lösungen, die einen Mehrwert für unsere Kunden schaffen, werden hier entwickelt und in den Markt eingeführt.

Digital Solutions

Exhibits at Fakuma

Digital solutions that create added value for our customers are developed here and introduced to the market.

PX 25-55 SilcoSet with sprue picker SPX 10

Compact and high-precision micro-injection molding with LSR
  • Special micro-plasticizing for LSR
  • Maximum precision for miniature components thanks to PX and APC plus
  • Consistent compact design: from the metering unit to the gripper
Clamping force: 250 kN
Screw diameter: 12 mm
SilcoSet technology: Low-maintenance processing of LSR
Automation: Servomotor-controlled sprue picker SPX 10
Sealing ring, 4 cavities
Shot weight: 0,6 g
Material: Liquid silicone Silastic RBL-9200-50
Cycle time: ca. 12 sec.
  • ACH solution GmbH
  • AVR Tech Innovations GmbH
  • GWK Gesellschaft für Wärme und Kältetechnik mbH
  • MiniMix ACH solution GmbH

PX 320-2000 In-Mold Decoration with industrial robot IR 60 R1610

Flexibility meets maximum output for decorated functional component
  • Additional back injection of printed electronic IML
  • PX with 3,200 kN clamping force
  • IMD turnkey automation concept with UV curing, burr cleaning and more
  • Twofold film feed unit with independetn film positioning
Clamping force: 3.200 kN
Screw diameter: 60 mm
Conveyor: Incl. integrated UV curing
Industrial robot: Incl. laser cutting and flake removal
HMI display
Cycle time: ca. 43 sec.
Shot weight: 136 g
Material: PMMA ZK5BR, Dekorfolie mit Einzelbild, Dekorfolie mit Anti-Glare-Effekt
  • LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG
  • Evonik Performance Materials GmbH
  • motan-colortronic gmbh
  • Datronik Laser & Automation Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

ELIOS 4500-2900

Highest speed and precision in thin-wall packaging
  • Exceptionally powerful and precise machine technology
  • Lowest energy consumption thanks to innovative hybrid drive system
  • "Smart Operation" for simple, fast and safe operation in the production environment
Screw diameter: 70 mm
Clamping force: 450 kN
Energy consumption: 0,59kWh/kg / 9,09 W/part
12 cm, plant pot
Cycle time: 3 sec
Shot weight: 91,5 g
Material: PP
  • Glaroform AG
  • motan-colortronic gmbh
  • ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH
  • Brink B.V.
  • Total Petrochemicals & Refining SA/NV
  • UniformColorCompany

RimStar Compact 16/16 with mixing head MK 8/12 ULKP-2KVV-80

Compact polyurethane metering machine
  • Automatic filling
  • Versatile standard machine in the mid-range class
  • Outstanding component quality and minimal scrap
  • One-piece machine frame for a compact, space-saving frame concept (optional with side arm)
  • Double-walled raw material container with an agitator
  • Siemens control system S7-1500 featuring the TP1200 Comfort operator panel
pump output: 16 l/min (nominal size 12 cm³)
Transfer mixing head MK 8/12 ULKP-2KVV-80: discharge capacity 40 – 550 g/s (MV=1/1)

CX ClassiX 80 - 380

Compact. Efficient. Flexible.

Booth: Uniform Color Company Hall B5 - Booth 5210

  • Compact design with large areas for peripheral equipment
  • Highly efficient drive concept and state-of-the-art hydraulic clamping unit
  • Easy and safe processing of liquid colors thanks to APC plus
Schließkraft: 800 kN
Screw diameter: 35 mm
Ice scraper
Cycle time: 40 sec
Shot weight: 48 g
Material: PC
  • HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG
  • Uniform Color Company
  • motan-colortronic gmbh

CX 50 - 380 with linear robot LRX Easy Control 50

Physical foaming without extra equipment

Where: Plastic institut Lüdenscheid hall A5 - booth 5312

  • High flexibility: One simultaneously operating autoclave for different IMM machines
  • Process suitable for standard injection molding machines
  • Flexible and efficient automation with LRX EasyControl 50
Clamping force: 500 kN
Business card box
Shot weight: 30 g
Cycle time: 40 sec
Material: PC

CX ClassiX 50 - 180

Compact, Efficient, Fexible.

Booth: Oni-Wärmetrafo GmbH hall A5, booth 5103

  • Easy and safe processing of liquid colors thanks to APC plus
  • Highly efficient drive concept and state-of-the-art hydraulic clamping unit
  • Intelligent energy management system and BluePower efficiency packages
  • Attractive CX ClassiX machine package
Clamping force: 500 kN
Set square
Cycle time: 29 sec
Shot weight: 35 g
Material: PS Total 1340
  • HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG
  • Uniform Color Company
  • ONI Temperiertechnik

LRX EasyControl 50

LRX EasyControl - Custom-made for pick-and-place
  • New control system EasyControl shortens setup time by up to 30 percent
  • Suitable for all commonly available injection molding machines
  • Ideal for both beginners and for experienced injection molding processors
  • Synchronized assembly at our location in Schwerin, Germany ensures short delivery times