Background Sprue picker SPX10

Fast. Precise. Economical.

The servo sprue picker from KraussMaffei features a very compact and stable design. It forms a unit together with the machine, providing the optimal solution on the market for use in small spaces.

Easy programming with WizardX
Only one data record has to be integrated into the MC6 control system
One contact for automation and injection molding machine
Compact design within protective housing


telescoping-stroke hotspot
servomotor hotspot
quick-demolding hotspot
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The telescoping stroke is an inwardguided rail system which ensures that when the system moves into home position, the total mechanical stroke is reduced by half. This means that unlike fixed axes, the entire stroke does not extend upwards. 

The servomotor enables the sprue picker to operate extremely fast and saves on maintenance time and expensive compressed air compared to wear-prone pneumatic drives. The integration into the MC6 control system and the optimized parking position for mol

Thanks to the freely configurable waiting position of the gripper, for example just above the mold, the removal time is significantly reduced. Quick machine cycles can be implemented easily.

The SPX10 is fully integrated into the MC6 control system. The operating language and philosophy remain the same. The WizardX ensures maximum ease of programming – just press a button and the picker is programmed.

PX series (250 - 4,000 kN)

PX series (250 - 4,000 kN)

FLEXIBLE. PRODUCTIF. EFFICACE. La PX serie est la solution idéale pour gagner en flexibilité tout en augme

Séries CX (350 - 4,200 kN)

Séries CX (350 - 4,200 kN)

COMPACT. EFFICACE. FLEXIBLE. Chaque machine peut être mise à niveau de façon individuelle : Avec sa

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