Practical seminar KM LR1

Operation, setup (programming WizardX*) of linear robots

Seminar objectives

- Quick and safe operation and setup of linear robots
– Effective setup of grippers
– Independent recognition and handling of error messages
– Simple creation of programs using program assistant WizardX*


- Safety devices on the robot
– Data and parameter management
– Procedure for operating the robot
– "Teach-in" and adaptation of point coordinates
– Setting up the area monitoring
– Creating basic programs using WizardX*
– Application of basic programs
– Starting up and optimizing the production system
– Error messages and event log
– Presentation of the LR-ON-PC/LRX-ON-PC software
– Practical exercises on simulators and robots

*only applicable to MC6

Target group

Toolsetters, machine operators, sampling personnel, automation personnel


Participation in practical seminar KM B1.
Valid for LR/LRX series and LR-S/LRX-S series equipment.


Costs and Dates

Details upon request