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CleanForm technology

Complete machine and process engineering that meets the high cleanliness requirements of the medical and optical industry. KraussMaffei is the world's only manufacturer of injection molding machines to have already successfully implemented several Class 5 injection molding machines in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1. Therefore, KraussMaffei is the ideal contact for implementing cost-effective solutions for cleanroom manufacturing.

Core features

  • The free air flows, thanks to open machine technology, counteracts the deposit of particles
  • Good accessibility on all sides for the cleaning, servicing and integration of various conveyors
  • Adding additional peripherals is possible thanks to the generous amount of space below the clamping unit
  • Monitoring the filter quality and integration in the CleanForm control system for a transparent and documented production process


  • Reduced number of moving parts results in fewer lubricating points
  • Cleaner mold area for a minimum particle load in the mold and clamping unit area
  • Eliminating wear parts
  • Encapsulation of various units with a flexible, positionable filter-fan unit
  • Easy mold change using a special rail solution

Solutions from standard to complex


  • Injection molding machine with automation and peripherals in the cleanroom
  • Hydraulic and all-electric machines achieve cleanroom Class 7/8 (ISO)
  • Design in accordance with GMP directives

Outside drop

  • Injection molding machine with automation and peripherals outside of the cleanroom
  • Parts transport via conveyor belt into the clean room
  • Continuous laminar flow cause of clamping unit
  • Cleanroom Classes 6 - 8 are possible


  • Only the clamping unit is located in the clean room - hermetically sealed
  • In the CX series only the cantilevered clamping unit
  • dips into the clean room
  • The clamping unit can be pulled out of the clean room for mold change
  • With the "room-in-room" solution the purity class 5 can be achieved with the smallest possible clean room volume

Outside robot

  • Injection molding machine with automation and peripherals outside of the cleanroom
  • Components are transported into the cleanroom via a sealed tunnel using automation
  • Low cleanroom contamination
  • Components of high surface quality are possible with a cleanroom Class of 6 - 7

Your benefits

  • Proven qualifications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1, Class 5
  • GMP-compatible quality management system can be implemented
  • Plug-and-Play concept for transportable automation cells
  • Flexibility with simultaneous high productivity


Technical parts (surface aesthetics)
Technical parts (surface aesthetics)