CX: cantilevered clamping unit

The clamping unit – Compact and cantilevered: There is no better use of your space

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Easy accessibility

Thanks to the cantilevered clamping unit, any transport system can be used. All objects underneath the clamp are clearly visible and can be easily removed.

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Compact, space-saving unit

Only the ejector is located on the moving clamping area. The clearance and the maximum opening width can be enlarged conveniently.

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Additional installation area for structured production

The area underneath the clamping unit can be used for additional peripherals, such as up to five tempering units, or for the integration of a drop-out chute.

Core features

  • Cantilevered clamping unit up to 1,600 kN
  • Compact design
  • Non-contact safety switch
  • Screwless cover


Ideal for cleanroom applications

  • Short and cantilevered clamping unit

A high degree of safety for the machine user

  • Tamper-proof thanks to RFID technology
  • Direct integration in the control system for a better overview

Improved maintenance concept

  • Faster access to the hydraulic components as a result of screwless covers
  • Greatly reduced noise generation thanks to sound insulation for the hydraulic system