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DuroSet technology

Using the DuroSet procedure, KraussMaffei provides you with everything from free-flowing molding compounds to premium-quality and dimensionally stable components. The injection molding machines that are used have a plasticizing unit with mechanical anti-rotation device. This ensures uniform shot weights and high reproducibility.

Core features

  • Exact material feed temperature control and plasticizing barrel with tempering units for preventing premature cross-linking reactions
  • Mechanical screw anti-rotation devices prevent a pressure-operated backflow of the melt
  • Optimized screw geometry for fiber-friendly processing
  • Functions such as compression molding and mold breathing available in the standard program
  • Available in combination with a CX machine in the clamping force ranges of 350 - 6500 kN


  • Particularly well-suited for injection compression molding, compression speed and clamping force have no impact on the opening stroke
  • Robust two-platen technology for high process consistency
  • Powder metallurgical wear resistance of the plasticizing unit for particularly abrasive materials

Your benefits

  • Low-wear screws
  • Long service life
  • Perfect end product quality as a result of high process consistency

Solutions from standard to complex

  1. Free-flowing feed of thermoset quantities using a classic spiral or suction conveyor.
  2. Homogenization in a heat-balanced plasticizing cylinder.
  3. Cross-linking process in the mold at high temperatures and high pressures.