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Injection Molding Compounder (IMC)

Compounding and injection molding in a one-step process combined with the innovative injection molding compounder (IMC). The advantages of continuous extrusion are combined with the advantages of discontinuous injection molding for added value in molded parts production.

Core features

  • Reduction in cost thanks to the implementation of compounding in molded parts production
  • Extremely gentle material processing thanks to one-time melting
  • Excellent homogenization and dispersion effect thanks to special arrangement of kneading blocks and toothed washers for the compounding extruder
  • Extremely uniform and gentle material processing thanks to twin-screw extruders rotating in the same direction
  • Controlled throughput using the gravimetric metering system and continuously operating conveyor systems


  • Specific expertise in extrusion technology gained over more than 100 years
  • Reduced logistics effort
  • Possible to create customized material combinations
  • Integrated degassing zones replace any drying processes
  • Material cost savings

Your benefits

  • Increased cost-effectiveness thanks to combination of processes
  • Reducing material costs by substitution of fiber-reinforced granulate
  • Highest part quality thanks to reproducible melting behavior
  • Ideal for long glass fiber processing
  • Highest part quality thanks to loss of one melting process


Major appliances
Major appliances