The new MC6 control system with SplitScreen technology and Eco function

MC6 open overlay

SplitScreen technology

Operators always have an eye on the most important production processes thanks to the split-screen display.

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Integrated automation

Robots on the user interface are integrated completely into the control system. This makes changing between injection molding machine and automation a breeze.

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Personalized interface

Operators can sign in and out quickly using their personalized RFID badge. Customized machine settings are stored and can be called up again.

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Innovative SlideX technology

"Perceptible" control over all axis movements thanks to the engraved guiding lines. SlideX eliminates the need to look at the control panel.

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Go Eco! Energy efficiency at the push of a button

The most energy-efficient machine setting for an energy-efficient overall concept.

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Intuitive, high-resolution 24" screen

Perfect overview of all relevant processes thanks to the enlarged screen and smartphone-like design.

Core features

  • Tactile axes control with SlideX technology
  • Personalized work surface with fast access which protects it against tampering
  • Easy and intuitive operation using smartphone swipe technology
  • Two-way operation of automation and machine possible


  • SplitScreen technology
  • Process designer
  • Go Eco! Energy efficiency at the push of a button
  • WizardX – The dialog-based programming wizard

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