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PolySet technology

PolySet is the processing of non-free-flowing, reinforced polyester and vinyl ester compounds to form premium-quality technical components.

Core features

  • Exact temperature control in the cylinder to prevent premature cross-linking reactions
  • Dipping nozzles that can be heat-balanced for minimum material consumption
  • Nonreturn valve for increased process reliability and stability
  • Optimized screw geometry for fiber-friendly processing
  • Functions such as compression molding and mold breathing contained in the standard program
  • Available in combination with a CX machine in the clamping force ranges of 350 - 6500 kN


  • Patented Polyload AZ screw loaders for feeding non-free-flowing materials output
  • Self-cleaning and low-maintenance AZ feeding units
  • Gentle material feed thanks to low shear stress with special PolySet screw feeders
  • Cavity ventilation using flashes for an improved surface quality

Your benefits

  • Shortened cycle time thanks to the cold-runner nozzle
  • Lowered material consumption, thanks to the cold-runner nozzle
  • Minimized maintenance expenses thanks to the self-cleaning funnel
  • Uniform process conditions with Polyload AZ
  • Homogeneity and quality due to stuffing-pressure control

Solutions from standard to complex

  1. Bubble-free feed of modeling clay blocks using the automatic feeding unit with simultaneous ventilation.
  2. Gentle homogenization during non-compression plasticizing of the shearing-sensitive silicone mixture monitored by precise temperature control.
  3. Vulcanization process in the mold at high temperatures.



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