Greater energy efficiency in PUR processing

– BluePower product line from KraussMaffei enables all components to interact optimally, boosting efficiency in production
– Small lot sizes and partially automated processes provide special challenges
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(Munich/Friedrichshafen, October 14, 2015) KraussMaffei offers its customers the BluePower product line, a comprehensive concept that gives a lasting boost for processing polyurethane (PUR) and other reaction systems. BluePower is offered as standard equipment, at no additional cost, for all RimStar and EcoStar series mixing and metering systems. KraussMaffei is highlighting current application examples at its booth at the Fakuma (Hall A7, Booth 7303/7304).

Up to 30 percent energy saving

The KraussMaffei BluePower product line delivers energy savings by using suitable mechanical systems, such as nozzle optimization and/or electrical components, as well as through intelligent control system processes. "Optimally adapting the specific power requirement of the machine to the current process enables energy savings of up to 30 percent in certain areas," says Herbert Adolf, Head of Technology and Service Reaction Process Machinery at KraussMaffei.

Using downtime effectively

Specifically for the downtimes typical of PUR processing, the KraussMaffei BluePower product line offers decisive advantages. The systems for processing PUR and other reaction systems often produce components in relatively small lot sizes. In addition, in many cases, production is only partially automated. As a result, the manufacturing process has to be stopped to remove the component from the mold manually for cleaning. The mold change also results in frequent production interruptions. "During these downtimes, the energy requirement of the system should be reduced as much as possible. During regular operation of the system, the energy requirements can be trimmed even more by making the process of mixing the reaction components as efficient as possible," says Adolf. All of these requirements are fulfilled as part of BluePower.

In order to bypass these downtimes in the most energy-saving fashion, the metering pump drive can be toggled to a lower pressure output directly after the filling procedure on the KraussMaffei systems. Furthermore, the complete switch-off of the pump drive occurs after a default time span if the system is idle. The machines are equipped with a control function for fast pressure build-up in order to guarantee high productivity so that the complete operating performance can be reached again in almost no time.

The agitators and the heat-balance of the container can also be further operated in order to condition the components during pauses in production. Here, KraussMaffei systems provide an adjustable interval mode, which ensures that the temperature and homogeneity of the components remain constant while insuring minimum energy consumption.

Energy-efficient design of components

KraussMaffei also exploits the present energy-saving potentials in the mixing heads area. The mixing head hydraulics can be moved or switched off, depending on the process requirement in the bypass operation if the required pressure is reached. "The flow-optimized mixing heads and mixing head nozzles from KraussMaffei achieve the highest mixing quality, even with minimum power consumption. The respective mixing head that is optimally adapted to the application is selected from the versatile product range of mixing heads," says Adolf.

Motors with IE2 efficiency classes have been used since 2015 (IE3 starting in 2016) in mixing and metering systems from KraussMaffei. There motors achieve the "Premium Efficiency" value corresponding to the IEC 60034-30-1 standard. It was possible to reduce the connected load of the drive by up to 30 percent through the consistent optimization of the metering pumps and the hydraulic concepts. A pump capacity of 16 liters/min reduces the connected load from 11 kW to 7.5 kW, for example.

The extensive measures applied by KraussMaffei to increase energy efficiency contribute to decreasing the CO2 emissions in the production of components made from reaction systems. Furthermore, they reduce the production costs and improve the competitiveness of the processor.

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