KraussMaffei in Brazil continues on a successful course

Automated GX production cell offers enormous flexibility in injection molding of automotive products

(Munich, May 23, 2013) With its high-performance production cell for automotive products, KraussMaffei underlines its strengthened market position in Brazil at the Feiplastic 2013 trade show (May 20 to 24 in São Paulo, booth F30). The focal point - for the first time on the South American continent - is a fully automated injection molding machine from the GX series.
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Well equipped for a recovered market - observance of the new safety standard NR12 for Brazil

After a weak year in 2012, the market in Brazil has recovered well. The car industry, in particular, is the main driving force of this development. "With our wide-ranged, premium quality product and technology portfolio, we are traditionally well represented in the South American automotive sector. And we have a positive outlook", says Klaus Jell, manager of the Brazilian subsidiary of the KraussMaffei Group. Jell also detects strong growth areas in South America in the areas of packaging and medical technology. "In our core markets, development in Brazil will be particularly fast and we have the right products and services to meet this demand." All products comply with the safety standard NR12, which has been newly introduced in Brazil. "Our machines and plants are already delivered in compliance with the new NR12," underlines Jell. KraussMaffei was thus one of the first importers whose products complied with the new standard.

Feiplastic: Flexible production of automotive parts

At the Feiplastic trade show, a GX 550-3000 will manufacture a housing for the air conditioning, a classic automotive component. The entire production cell will demonstrate maximum productivity and innovative detailed solutions for flexibility and production intelligence. "The precise injection and plasticizing unit makes the GX series predestined for the process-stable production of sophisticated parts", explains Frank Peters, Vice President of Sales at KraussMaffei. The high shot weight constancy of less than +/- 0.1 percent ensures reliable production, even with the highest possible demands. Productivity is therefore maintained. As the fastest dual platen machine on the market, the GX offers the shortest travel times and maximum productivity. Generous mold installation dimensions significantly increase flexibility with regard to the molds that can be used. The smooth-running mechanics reduce traction resistance by up to 80 percent and ensure, together with the hydraulic concept designed for minimum flow losses, maximum energy efficiency.

Pioneering detailed solutions in the production cell

Automatic production takes place in a fully integrated production cell with an LRX 250 linear robot that is fitted with the handheld pendant of the new MC6 control system. "The robot is not only integrated in the control system but also fully integrated mechanically. The detailed tuning of the GX and robot results in a production cell cut from the same cloth," emphasizes Peters. The "SplitScreen" function of the MC6 allows the operator to see control system pages that are currently required at a glance. Setting values and process data can be compared directly without jumping back and forward between screen pages. This simplifies operation, shortens the start-up and service procedures and leads to higher operating safety with fewer interruptions in production. Productivity rises. 

Resource-saving BluePower modules

The GX in São Paulo is also equipped with numerous BluePower modules to guarantee maximum energy efficiency at higher productivity. The electric screw drive makes highly efficient parallel plasticizing possible, the servo pump drive further reduces power consumption and insulating sleeves at the barrel additionally reduce heat losses of the plasticizing unit. The result: Low power consumption with short cycle times for high productivity.

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