KraussMaffei will present its latest machine technology at the NPE 2012 trade show

Powerful injection molding technology for the US packaging market
KraussMaffei will present its latest machine technology at the NPE 2012 trade show - Picture Main

KraussMaffei will present highly productive and efficient injection molding cells at the center of its appearance at the NPE 2012 trade show (West Hall (B), Booth 1503). Hydraulic and all-electric machines of the CX, EX, and MX series demonstrate the highest capability for energy-efficient and resource-efficient production solutions in the entire clamping force field in conjunction with fast robots. Assembly steps integrated into the injection molding machine enormously increase the production efficiency.

New dimensions for packaging applications

For the first time, KraussMaffei is demonstrating the performance of the MX 650+ as a powerful machine for the specific needs of the packaging industry by operating it live at a trade show. At the NPE, an MX+ 650-4300 will produce large screw closures made of polypropylene in a 48-cavity mold. The MX650+ masters different mold installation heights just as reliably as extremely heavy mold weights up to 13,500 kg. While doing so, it achieves a high platen parallelism and uniform clamping force distribution, which is the basis for process-reliable production. "This makes the MX 650+ the ideal solution for the packaging industry in North America," explains Paul Caprio, managing director of the KraussMaffei Corporation (USA). "Multi-cavity molds are used primarily for screw closures and sealing caps, and very short cycle times are required." The MX 650+ specifically meets these requirements and offers high performance with a compact installation area. HPS-UN plastification especially for the polyolefins used in the packaging industry produces high specific melting capacities and uniformly high melt quality at low melting temperatures. The high-performance injection unit guarantees high precision and reproducible processes, even for injection speeds up to 700 mm/s, and thereby a high shot weight consistency in all cavities. The dynamics of the clamping unit are therefore fully exploited and the processor benefits from short cycle times, uniform molding quality, and long-lasting production reliability.

TIM stack – Fully assembled in the injection mold

As an additional trade show highlight, KraussMaffei will demonstrate maximum production efficiency on a reversing plate machine CXW 200-380/180 SpinForm using integrated assembly with TIM Stack (Total Integrated Manufacturing). "The lightweight, three-part closures made of polypropylene (PP) are created with innovative cube technology and integrated assembly and exit the machine ready for use," underscores Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon, managing director of injection molding technology at KraussMaffei. The overall system was designed jointly with mold maker Zahoransky for maximum productivity with low space requirements. The twin-platen clamping unit of the CX series offers ideal accessibility to the mold and a lot of space for the integrated assembly stations. The central positioning of the two opposite injection units allows for hot runner systems with natural balancing and short flow paths. Consequently, the volume in the hot runner is reduced, which is reflected in a simplified process control and consistent molding quality. In the hydraulic machine a BluePower servo pump drive provides for maximum energy efficiency. Energy-saving servomotors take over the movement of the reversing plate in the opening direction and the rotation with absolute positioning accuracy, which is enormously significant for the process consistency during the assembly process. The low expense of energy, space, and resources in just one production cell for manufacturing ready-to-use closures means optimum production efficiency and favorable manufacturing costs.

EX series for applications in the medical and packaging areas

The impressive features of the all-electric EX series are its efficiency, high speed, and uncompromising design in regard to cleanliness. It is therefore ideally suited to precise and cost-effective production in the medical and packaging industries. The unique Z-toggle ensures fast mold movements of the clamping side while direct operating principles of the plasticizing and injection unit drive guarantee maximum process accuracy. Completely enclosed drives and a water-cooled motor ensure a clean production environment. At the NPE, a production cell from EX 160 – 1000 with an SR 80 side-removal robot will prove the strength of the EX series. Thin-walled disposable drinking cups made of polypropylene are produced in a cycle time of approximately 3 seconds. The manufacturing cell offers particularly high system dynamics, since it is equipped with an ultra-injection unit. With high injection dynamics and speeds, it is particularly well-suited for thin-walled components. The control system of the robot is completely integrated into the MC5 control system of the injection molding machine. This complete integration of the control system simplifies operation of the system, prevents operating errors, and increases process reliability. Since the EX 160 can be equipped with injection units from SP180 to SP1000, it is suitable for the production of small precision parts and for production in the high-performance segment with high shot weight and material throughput with a short cycle time. "With our optional CleanForm GMP solution, we offer our customers in the medical technology field tangible added value. Production costs can be reduced by up to 25 percent, for example, by transferring the produced parts into sterile packaging right after demolding. This means that subsequent sterilization is no longer required," explains Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon.

KraussMaffei will present its latest machine technology at the NPE 2012 trade show - Picture 1
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