KraussMaffei will demonstrate integrated solutions for improving customers' production efficiency at NPE 2012

KraussMaffei will present an extensive range of premium quality products for increasing energy and resource efficiency in plastics processing at NPE 2012. The focal points of this presentation will be energy-efficient machines from the AX Series and highly efficient, integrated production concepts based on the CX Series, for example combined injection molding assembly in a SpinForm swivel-platen machine. KraussMaffei will also show first-class polyurethane solutions for premium quality surfaces, traditional foaming processes and lightweight construction applications.

Optimization of unit costs in the injection molding process

"We actively help our customers to optimize their unit costs and increase energy, process and resource efficiency on a needs-oriented basis along the entire value-adding chain", said Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon, Managing Director of the Injection Molding Machinery Division at KraussMaffei. "Our solutions extend from powerful standard machines and automated production cells through to complex production solutions with specific process combinations." During NPE 2012, a CX 200-380/180 SpinForm swivel-platen machine featuring integrated assembly will form a compact and highly efficient production cell for ready-to-use, three-part plastic closures. The customer therefore requires no buffer storage or the separate assembly step. Since the same cavities are joined, lower molding tolerances and better parts quality are achieved.

The MX+ 650-4300 is specially designed as a powerful machine for the needs of the American packaging industry and will produce large screw caps in a 48-cavity mold during NPE 2012. As proof of the company's expertise in the rapidly expanding medical industry, an AX 100-380 will produce medical parts with maximum energy efficiency. The EX Series from KraussMaffei is synonymous with uncompromising cleanliness and maximum productivity for mass-produced medical products.

Premium quality surfaces increasingly becoming a success factor

The design of the surface during component design plays a major role in the success of a product in many industries. "Components with premium quality surfaces can be produced up to 30 per cent cheaper using our combined processes such as ColorForm or SkinForm", stressed Frank Peters, Managing Director of the Reaction Process Machinery Division at KraussMaffei. The company supplies solutions for all surface requirements and a complete production cell from a single source. It will demonstrate the SkinForm process for the first time in live operation outside Europe in a production cell with a CX 200-1400 hybrid injection molding machine and a RimStar hybrid mixing and metering system for polyurethane. "Companies profit from the comparatively low investment and manufacturing costs compared with otherwise normal multi-stage processes", explained Peters.

Lightweight construction solution through process integration in the injection molding compounder

The proportion of plastic as a material in automobiles and lightweight construction are also increasingly playing a key role in the automobile industry in the USA. "We offer American car manufacturers and automotive component suppliers excellent solutions for fiber-reinforced lightweight components", added Paul Caprio, Managing Director of the American subsidiary KraussMaffei Corporation. "From the feasibility study through to post-mold processing and subsequent processing, manufacturers and suppliers appreciate our know-how and are increasingly asking us about interdisciplinary services." One current example of a project in the USA is the latest test system at Toronto University. This system comprises a MX 1300-14000 injection molding compounder (IMC) for careful direct processing of charged thermoplastic molds. This compounder has been equipped for the first time with a MuCell package. It is therefore possible to compare the processing operation and properties of foamed parts with reinforced parts on a one-to-one basis, or foamed and reinforced parts can be produced. As a result, this machine opens up new opportunities for lightweight construction using thermoplastic plastics. "Thanks to the successful IMC machine and process concept, we are providing the American automobile industry with new options for lightweight construction solutions using the preferred thermoplastic plastics.

Ice-cold insulation

In addition to a large number of traditional foaming applications, there is also great demand in the area of reaction process machinery in the USA for insulation applications relating to white goods. "Our customers therefore acknowledge the expertise of KraussMaffei in traditional polyurethane reaction process machinery and for applications in the area of white goods", confirmed Caprio.