KraussMaffei will present polyurethane processing at the NPE 2012 trade show

Polyurethane solutions from a single source and multi-component machines for higher production efficiency
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KraussMaffei will present highly productive and efficient injection molding cells for multi component parts and technical applications at the NPE 2012 trade show (West Hall (B), Booth 1503). Polyurethanes processing integrated into the injection molding machine  increase production efficiency and create outstanding part properties.

System solution for premium quality surfaces from a single source

The SkinForm procedure is used to produce premium quality polyurethane surfaces on thermoplastic carriers in a production cell. In doing so, each material contributes its specific advantages. The carrier can be designed with many function elements, ribs, and assembly points for attachments and thereby exhibits high functional integration and strength. The exposed face is subsequently produced with a polyurethane structural foam in the second cavity of the mold. At the NPE, a new, foamed aliphatic polyurethane system will be used that combines excellent UV resistance and soft-touch properties. The overall manufacturing cell consists of components of the KraussMaffei product line, a CX 200-750 Hybrid injection molding machine with LRX 150 linear robot, and a RimStar Hybrid 1.2/0.9 polyurethane mixing and metering station with a high-pressure mixing head MK 5/8 ULKP-2 KKV--F installed on the injection mold and a reworking station for separating the gate points. "On this system, the 'Technology to the power of three' expertise of KraussMaffei becomes visible across the entire process chain," says Frank Peters, managing director of reaction technology at KraussMaffei. "Our company produces machines, automation, mold technology, and custom solutions, which unite our expertise." In the USA, KraussMaffei Corporation and the Proper Group International in Warren, Michigan have been cooperating since 2010 as part of a strategic partnership for turnkey solutions for processing polyurethane.

The CX Hybrid injection molding machine is equipped with hybrid drive technology and combines the advantages of the hydraulic and electric machine design for a broad range of applications. The cantilevered clamping unit enables easy integration of peripherals and accessories. Combined with the electrically driven injection units of the EX series, the machines guarantee high power density at low energy consumption with parallel movements and injection speeds of up to 300 mm/s. That makes them an efficient universal solution in the electronics and medical industries as well as for technical parts.

Retrofitting with injection units for two-component technology

With hydraulic power packs, injection molding machines from KraussMaffei can be retrofitted quickly and cost-effectively for two-component injection molding. KraussMaffei offers the additional injection units required for this in a horizontal and vertical design as autonomous functional units. The first variant is installed in the L-position, which means in the horizontal position on the operator rearside. As an alternative, KraussMaffei offers the hydraulic power pack in the V-position, which is installed vertically on the fixed mold clamping platen. The hydraulic power packs are equipped with field-tested injection units plus their own hydraulic system and control system. The control system communicates with the basic machine via its own interface. This makes connecting fast and convenient.

Additionally, KraussMaffei supports entry into 2-component technology with highly skilled application-specific advice and comprehensive services.

At the NPE, KraussMaffei will show two machines of this type. At the trade show stand of mold maker Boucherie nv (Izegem, Belgium), a CX 80-180 will be exhibited in combination with an SP55 vertical injection unit (West Hall (A), Stand 1178). An 8+8 cavity mold will be used during the trade show to produce syringe pistons that are equipped with a soft component as a seal. A special feature of this application example is the sprueless soft component. Moreover, at the trade show stand of KraussMaffei you will be able to see a CX 250-1000 with a vertical hydraulic power pack made by MGS for manufacturing two-component ear tags for animals.

Efficiency and precision for technical parts – the AX series

The production of technical components in the electrical/electronics field and in the automotive industry requires resource-efficient manufacturing with high repeatability. The injection molding machines of the AX series are perfectly tailored to these requirements. Representative of the AX construction sets comprising 21 types, an all-electric AX 100-180 produces medical parts made of HDPE in an 8-cavity mold. The optimized double toggle, efficient servomotors, and smooth-running mechanics ensure the machine's exemplary efficiency. By using an AX machine, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60 percent. Groundbreaking control technology and absolute positioning accuracy ensure precise shaping at high dynamics. The AX series therefore offers optimum prerequisites for efficient and precise manufacturing. It lets the processor produce flexibly, reliably, and above all at low unit costs – even for slow-running applications. The AX becomes an impressive production cell with robot types, for example an LRX 100, that are ideally adapted to the machines. When articles are demolded, the clamping unit and robot work together perfectly and enable the shortest demolding times with the utmost precision. Thus even demanding demolding tasks are performed reliably and fast. The AX machines can be ideally adapted to the varied production requirements of different industries using a comprehensive catalog of options.

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