KraussMaffei underlines its leading market position in Mexico at the Plastimagen trade fair

- Live demonstration of premium quality injection molding machines
- Trade fair debut of the GX series at Plastimagen
KraussMaffei underlines its leading market position in Mexico at the Plastimagen trade fair - Picture Main

(Munich, March 12, 2013) KraussMaffei will present the new GX series and premium quality machines in the AX and CX series during a live demonstration at Plastimagen in Mexico City (March 12 to 15, booth 1314).  This effective product presentation will impressively underline the leading market position of KraussMaffei in Mexico. In addition to the premium quality product portfolio, this is ensured through extensive services, automation solutions and combined processing technologies (Technology³, for example ColorForm as combinations of injection molding technology and reaction process technology).

At its exhibition booth KraussMaffei will provide a live demonstration of a GX 450-4300 for producing disposable spoons with a 32-cavity mold. In particular, customers from the automotive and packaging/logistics industries are reacting very positively to the new GX series, which is ideally suited to many different injection molding processes thanks to its efficiency and extensive catalog of options as a basis. "Our customers are primarily interested in the modular automation cells with linear and industrial robots in different configurations, as well as in the efficient variants of the GX series which are ideally suited to the production of free falling packaging/logistics parts and applications in the consumer goods sector", said Hector Moreno, CEO of the subsidiary of KraussMaffei in Mexico. "The technology supplied by KraussMaffei precisely matches the requirements of our customers on the Mexican market", added Moreno. "We will reaffirm this in an impressive way with our machines at Plastimagen."

Proven dual platen technology with large working area

Visitors to Mexico City can also expect to see an all-electric AX 180-750 and a CX 80-750, both equipped with a linear robot. "Machines in the CX series have been impressing customers for many years in tough production conditions and combine compact dimensions with easy accessibility and a great deal of space for peripherals", said Moreno. The fully hydraulic dual platen clamping system symmetrically introduces the clamping force into the mold and generates optimum holding of the mold. Easy accessibility to the self-supporting clamp weighing up to 160 tonnes permits transportation of the parts in all four directions and provides a great deal of space under the mold area for peripherals such as conveyors or heat-balancing units. The spacious installation dimensions of the CX permit the use of large molds, a situation which occurs frequently in regard to parts with high demands on the surface or multi-cavity molds. The CX also becomes an impressive production cell with robot types, for example an LRX-S 100, that are ideally adapted to the machines During Plastimagen, a CX 80-750 featuring a LRX-S 100 linear robot will produce premium quality transparent housings. The KraussMaffei plasticizing systems, which are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, are also impressive when it comes to transparent plastic parts with maximum OK part production.

Energy efficient production cell for decorated articles

The all-electric injection machines in the AX series are a prime example of maximum energy efficiency in injection molding production. An AX 180-750 will produce beer mugs at the booth of KraussMaffei at Plastimagen. A LRX 150 linear robot will demold the parts and place them on a conveyor. When articles are demolded, the clamping unit and robot work together perfectly and enable the shortest demolding times with the utmost precision. Thus even demanding demolding tasks are performed reliably and quickly. The AX machines can be ideally adapted to the varied production requirements of different industries using a comprehensive catalog of options.

Leading market position in Mexico

Since its establishment in 1999, the KraussMaffei subsidiary in Mexico has profited successfully from the growth potential in that country and is also hoping to continue doing so in future with above-average results. The impressive success story in Mexico is firstly due to inexpensive and readily available standard solutions based on pre-configured production cells such as the CX ClassiX and secondly on complex machines and systems along with expertise in application-specific process solutions. The product portfolio is rounded off by complete production cells for customers in many different sectors of industry. "Our customers benefit from the three processing technologies - injection molding technology, extrusion technology and reaction process technology - under one roof and the highly qualified personnel in sales, service and spare parts", said Moreno with pride. "For example, we have four reaction process machinery experts who manage our customers in Mexico and formulate quick solutions." KraussMaffei is therefore on the right path, a fact proved by double-digit growth rates in the last few years that are well above those in the growth industries of automotive, manufacturing, construction and packaging.

KraussMaffei underlines its leading market position in Mexico at the Plastimagen trade fair - Picture 1
KraussMaffei underlines its leading market position in Mexico at the Plastimagen trade fair - Picture 2
KraussMaffei underlines its leading market position in Mexico at the Plastimagen trade fair - Picture 3