KraussMaffei demonstrates efficiency at the Plastimàgen exhibition in Mexico

Largest exhibition participation in Mexico
KraussMaffei demonstrates efficiency at the Plastimàgen exhibition in Mexico - Picture Main

KraussMaffei will demonstrate its strong market presence in America at the Plastimàgen exhibition (October 4 to 7, Mexico City) with the largest injection molding machine in live operation ever presented in Mexico and its extensive portfolio of injection molding, reaction process and extrusion machinery.

Large high‐performance injection molding machine

The large MX 1600-55000 machine produces halves for a two-piece transport pallet made of polyethylene (HDPE). The pallets measuring 1.2 x 1.0 meters are also made more flexible and stronger by means of cavities, which are produced using gas injection technology, and different metal reinforcements. The pallet design and mold come from Plásticos Panamericanos SA de CV, a company domiciled in Tultitlán near Mexico City. "Featuring a "floor-mounted" IR 1500-11000 F/K industrial robot for removing and storing the parts, the injection molding cell impresses customers with its robust construction, high availability and short cycle times for packing applications, and ensures high production output in the long term", says Hector Moreno, Managing Director of KraussMaffei Mexico. "To this end, a HPS (high performance) plasticizing unit provides high melting capacity at low melting temperatures." This reduces the required cooling time while the high homogenizing performance saves up to 50 percent of the color master batch.

Energy‐efficiency production cell

The fully electric injection molding machines in the AX series, which comprise 12 clamp force sizes, are a prime example of maximum energy efficiency in injection molding production. On the exhibition stand at Plastimàgen an AX 180-750 will produce beer mugs. A LRX 150 linear robot removes the parts and places them on a conveyor belt. During the removal of the molded parts, the clamp unit and robot interact perfectly and facilitate the shortest possible removal times with extreme precision. Complex removal tasks are therefore also performed quickly and reliably. Thanks to an extensive option catalog, the AX machines can be ideally adapted to the varied production requirements in different industries. At Plastimàgen BluePower cylinder insulations will reduce energy losses during plasticizing. The hydraulic CX 80-750 ClassiX featuring the proven 2-platen clamp system is an ideal solution for customers with high production demands and a low investment budget. Despite a slightly reduced option catalog, the ClassiX series still satisfies nearly all customer requirements and impresses with its short delivery times and cost effectiveness. The large installation dimensions of the CX series permit the use of large molds which are a common occurrence in the case of molded parts with high demands on the surface or multi-cavity molds. The ClassiX also becomes an excellent production cell with robot types, eg. LRX-S 100, that are ideally adapted to the machines.

Cross‐technological competence ensures market success

KraussMaffei has had a strong presence in Mexico for many years - and is also intending to carry on profiting from the growth potential in that country. The impressive success in Mexico is attributable firstly to inexpensive and quickly available standard solutions based on preconfigured production cells such as the CX ClassiX and secondly to complex machines and systems, our competence in application-specific process solutions and complete production cells for customers in a wide range of industrial sectors. "Our customers profit from three processing technologies - i.e. injection molding, extrusion technology and reaction process machinery - under one roof and the highly qualified personnel in sales, service and spare parts", says Moreno. "We have, for example, four experts in the area of reaction process machinery, who look after our customers in Mexico and formulate quick solutions." KraussMaffei is therefore on the right path, a fact demonstrated by the recently staged in-house exhibitions in Queretaro with the key topics of extrusion technology and reaction process machinery.

Three kinds of machine technology on the exhibition stand

Reaction process and extrusion machinery will supplement the product portfolio at Plastimàgen in Mexico. In the area of reaction process machinery KraussMaffei will demonstrate its competence in machine and mold technology for PUR processing. Using a MK 8/12 ULPK-2KVV high-pressure mixing head, an Eco-Star 16/16 high pressure metering station will also produce during a live demonstration seat cushions made of PUR foam for leisure activities. KraussMaffei's Eco-Star polyurethane mixing and metering machines deliver premium quality at a budget price. Especially small and medium-sized PUR processors in the automotive and construction industries profit from the very attractive price/performance ratio for the EcoStar series. The new series is based on high-quality standard components to ensure a reliable and stable process and very high end-product quality. The machines can be customized with additional function packs from KraussMaffei to suit individual customer requirements.

Since the mold also comes from KraussMaffei, the company's own competence in moldmaking for polyurethane technology will be shown for the first time at an exhibition in Latin America. With an extensive product range of molding for processing PUR and other reactive systems in combination with machines and mixing heads, the processor obtains a complete production solution whose individual components are perfectly matched. Using state-of-the-art simulation and calculation methods and in-depth know-how, the molds are ideally designed to match the product and the overall process. The high mold quality ensures precise and reproducible series production over long production periods.

Space‐saving and economical concept for PVC pipe extrusion

KraussMaffei Berstorff shows an example of PVC pipe extrusion know-how with the KM RKD 200 double-strand pipe head. The pipe head model represents a large number of economical solution options in multi-strand extrusion in the diameter range from 16 to 63 mm. The double-strand pipe head uses the full extruder capacity for inexpensive, space-saving and efficient pipe production. The two parallel downstream strand lines are designed like single-strand lines, but are closely connected. The double-strand extrusion process is very popular in South America because it can quickly cover the high demand for sewage pipes, pressurized water pipes or cable protection pipes.

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