Robot operation made easy

- KraussMaffei presents intuitive MC6 control system
- Wizard functions are set to be one attraction at "Swiss Plastics" in Lucerne
Robot operation made easy - Picture Main

(Munich/Lucerne, December 20, 2013) An articulated-arm robot is just as user-friendly as a smartphone. KraussMaffei invites visitors to experience the MC6 control system featuring swipe, touch and tap control functions. The ProgTechX and VisuX programming and operating wizards will also be unveiled at the "Swiss Plastics" exhibition (Lucerne, January 21 to 23, 2014, hall 2, booth D 2101). A compact CX 65-180 Blue Power injection molding machine working in combination with a mobile automation cell will manufacture an LED housing from polycarbonate (PC) in just 32 seconds.

Straightforward and easy to control

This machine from the CX series comes equipped with a servo pump: it is energy-efficient and precise, producing a minimum of scrap, and easy to maintain. Other advantages are its compact design facilitating space-saving installation and good accessibility. A modular system configuration allows easy retrofitting.

The machine which will be on show at Swiss Plastics is equipped with a mobile automation cell by KraussMaffei Automation GmbH complete with integrated Kuka Agilus robot. "We want every visitor to our booth to be able to see just how easy it is to operate an industrial robot with MC6," says Bruno Schleiss, Managing Director of KraussMaffei (Switzerland) AG.

Authorization-based user profiles

A new feature of the MC6 is that the injection molding machine can also be controlled using the robot control panel, a handheld computer. This versatility makes life easier for the operator, saving work and time. The MC6 control system provides a straightforward overview of the production process. All it takes is two taps in the ProcessDesigner tool. The MC6 also features a SplitScreen option for even better viewing. The screen can be divided into two operator levels. With so-called "role profiles" such as machine operator, mold setter or production manager, various authorizations can be assigned quickly and easily.

Error-free working – even without programming knowledge

The integrated operating concept of the injection molding machine is achieved on the robot handheld using VisuX. Specially adapted for the industrial robot (IR) series, this user interface makes it even easier to control the key program parameters of both the injection molding machine and robot. This type of robot is suitable for complex demolding and automation tasks thanks to the high flexibility of its six-axis kinematics.

The industrial robot can be programmed via the ProgTechX interface. Command libraries, or what are known as "in-line forms", simplify the input of commands. Thanks to an intuitive interface, even users without programming knowledge can create programs free of logic or typing errors in no time. The automatic program code for the robot can be subsequently adapted to each application.

Dock & Go

The mobile automation cell combined with a Kuka Agilus series robot completes the flexible automation concept. Simply dock the cell, and the automation system is ready to run. The cell concept can be expanded at any time to incorporate other peripheral systems or used on other injection molding machines.

Experience the new MC6 control system in action at the KraussMaffei booth at the "Swiss Plastics" exhibition from January 21 to 23, 2014 in Lucerne (hall 2, booth D 2101).