KraussMaffei impresses customers at the 2012 Service Symposium

Event fully booked – "Anti-aging" ensures the high productivity of injection molding systems in the long term
KraussMaffei impresses customers at the 2012 Service Symposium - Picture Main

At the seventh Service Symposium on March 15, 2012, KraussMaffei impressively demonstrated the added value of the "Life Cycle Service" concept for its customers. It ensures the high reliability and high productivity of machines over long periods of time. The trade forum is held once a year and informs visitors about new developments in service and the latest technical processes as well as market trends in the servicing and maintenance of injection molding machines.

Life Cycle Service by KraussMaffei offers huge potential for savings

At the Service Symposium, KraussMaffei presented itself as an experienced and expert service partner with an integrated approach. The highly effective "Life Cycle Service" covers all factors influencing the productivity of machines and systems after delivery to the customer. "This so-called Anti-aging concept includes an extensive range of services designed to provide our customers with support throughout the entire service life cycle of machines and systems, and often over several decades", confirmed Josef Hammerschmid, Service Product Manager at KraussMaffei. "Our global service network of locations in proximity to our customers ensures quick and easy access to our expert staff". The strong participation confirms the increasing importance of service to fabricators, whose only means of countering the mounting pressure on production and costs is to increase the utilization of system capacities. "At the same time, they have to ensure that their processes downstream of production are also highly efficient", said Hammerschmid.

Preventive protection and energy efficiency for machines from all generations

The focus of the symposium was on various topics relating to preventive and condition-dependent maintenance, a basic requirement for maximum availability and lifetime capability of machines and systems. In addition to the maintenance of robots and automation components, the speakers highlighted the potential for energy efficiency and reducing the energy consumption of older systems. Various aspects including the preventive protection of circulating media such as oil and water in manufacturing were also discussed by both in-house and external experts.

"This event has clearly shown me where we can save additional time and cost by preventive maintenance", concluded Georg Brunnhofer, Head of Injection Molding at Brunner GmbH, of Glonn, a manufacturer of chocolate molds, who echoed the impression gained by many of those who attended the event. "The fluid and energy management solutions were particularly helpful to me". There was a strong consensus among the participants that the technical processes were demonstrated very well and can be implemented at our plant without undue expense.

KraussMaffei impresses customers at the 2012 Service Symposium - Picture 1
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