KraussMaffei supports customers throughout the service life of their machinery

– Service symposium to take place for the 25th time
– Over 600 participants since the series of events started
– Focus on condition-based maintenance
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KraussMaffei supports customers throughout the service life of their machinery - Picture Main

(Munich, June 10, 2014) KraussMaffei has been holding customer symposiums on injection molding machinery for over eight years. On July 3, 2014, the successful event will be held for the 25th time. At various locations, specialists from the Munich-based machine manufacturer and its external partners and suppliers give practical tips on adjusting machinery, servicing and maintenance of injection molding machines and automation systems.

Anniversary event in Munich in July

KraussMaffei has been holding one-day customer symposiums on injection molding machinery since 2006 – with great success. Markus Bauer, Service Manager at KraussMaffei in the Injection Molding Machinery devision, explains: "At these events, our service experts provide useful tips and practical information to make it easier for machine operators and servicers to use their injection molding machines efficiently and foresightedly. Participants can put what they learn into practice straight away and optimize the settings on their machines." Particular attention is paid to the issues of energy saving, mold protection, the wear resistance of plasticizing units and robot maintenance.

From preventative to condition-based maintenance

The intelligent transition from preventative to condition-based maintenance saves customers time and money, and increases the availability of their machines. The service symposiums present the most frequent causes of wear-related damage on injection molding machines and automation systems, describing wear-prevention measures and allowing participants to share their practical experiences. Selecting the right hydraulic oil to use and the challenges of oil filtration are of the utmost importance in this regard, as is caring for the coolant in order to protect the cooling circuits and the molds – and thus prevent the formation of rust, limescale or microbiological contamination in heat exchangers and molds. How to choose the right processing unit based on the materials to be processed and analyzing the damage patterns on screws and cylinders are also key topics of discussion.

Saving energy – today's greatest challenge

There are many ways to save energy in the injection molding process. During the service symposiums, KraussMaffei experts demonstrate the potential energy savings that can be made with injection molding machines and automation technology, providing ratios to assess their energy consumption and taking a look at integral solutions. Successful practical examples as part of the introduction of the ISO 50001 standard and comparisons between the energy consumption of various different machine concepts are also given.

Machines and robots that remain efficient throughout their service life

KraussMaffei's servicing and maintenance concept has proved itself when put into practice at a number of companies. "Running the injection molding process as efficiently as possible generally requires more than just optimizing individual injection units or turning a couple of adjuster screws here and there. We are able to analyze and optimize complete systems – the machine, mold, automation system and peripheral devices – not only in their entirety but also in terms of interoperability. This is where the biggest differences are made," affirms Markus Bauer.

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