KraussMaffei and its partners promoting MuCell for large components

The world's largest MuCell system successfully begins operation at Mürdter
KraussMaffei and its partners promoting MuCell for large components - Picture Main

The companies Mürdter, Trexel and KraussMaffei are cooperating in the production of large components. The partners are starting joint operation of the largest injection molding machine in the world using the MuCell process in Mürdter's Technical Center in Mutlangen. For the first time, the new machine makes direct comparisons between standard injection molding and MuCell technology with large components possible.

Process particularly advantageous for large components

"MuCell technology is an excellent solution for very large components because, apart from the general advantages, such as minimal deformation, shorter cycle times and lower clamping force, the material savings, above all, and weight reduction of the component play an important role", explains Andreas Handschke, MuCell Product Manager at KraussMaffei. In cooperation with Mürdter and Trexel, the world's largest injection molding machine, an MC 5400 – 17200, was equipped with 5400 tonnes clamping force for physical foaming in order to cope with the trend towards large components in MuCell technology. Only the use of this technology permits initial compact injection of large components, for example, instrument panel carriers, followed directly by a comparison with the MuCell process. Mürdter has large machines for trials and small series production and, in the nearby mold making department, the results can be incorporated directly in the molds. This saves time and money.

Partnership with great competence

For customers interested in MuCell, the partners, with their respective know-how, are available to assist in the optimum component design and the search for suitable production solutions. "Our target can often only be reached by means of trials with direct comparison between standard injection molding and MuCell", explains Handschke. Mürdter offers experience in mold making and the production of foamed components; Trexel, as a technology partner for MuCell applications, can provide advice on component design. The best possible production solution for customers is provided by KraussMaffei.

MuCell direct from the system provider

KraussMaffei has been using MuCell technology successfully for many years and is a leading individual customer of Trexel. This technology competence is also underscored by worldwide authorization for direct MuCell sales. "This means that customers can order their MuCell system directly as a complete system at KraussMaffei from a single source - without any additional agreements with third parties, without any teething problems during the course of the project and including all utilization rights" states Handschke.

KraussMaffei and its partners promoting MuCell for large components - Picture 1
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