Practical seminar PX

Maintenance and troubleshooting of the PX electrical injection molding machine

Seminar objectives

– Differences in relation to hydraulic machines
– Optimal maintenance of the PX electrical injection molding machine
– Rapid detection and clearance of faults


– Special features of operation (zero points, mold area protection, clamping force measurement)
– Mechanical design of the locking and injection unit
– Knowledge of electrical drive systems
– Preventive maintenance
– Expert use of electric circuit diagrams
– MC6 control concept with S-DIAS module
– Modules in the converter network
– Bus connections
– Diagnosis functions
– Troubleshooting in the control system
– Configuring displacement/force transducers

Target group

Maintenance and servicing personnel for electrical systems/electronics


Participation in practical seminar E MC6


2 days, from von 8:30 hours to 16:30 hours

Costs and Dates

Details upon request