Quality gains by changing the plasticizing unit size
» Adaption Kit: The complete, drop-in solution for smaller injection volumes
APC (Adaptive Process Control)
» Stabilize your processes and maximize profits
Basis for economical manufacturing
» Linear robots in the LRX/LRX-S Series
Batch change control* ZE89.528
» Automatic holding pressure correction
Bolt-on injection units for CX and EX series machines
» Introduction to 2-component technology
Bypass flow filtration (ZE63.662)
» Appealing retrofit for the hydraulic
The plug & play solution for data backup
» CF drive replacement for floppy disk drive
EDP-Electronic Device Protector
» Blitz- und Überspannungsschutz
Ejector coupling, ZE 50.80
» Quick and easy tool changes
Energy saver software
» Reduce costs automatically
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