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Spare Parts

With our active spare parts management, we cover the entire life cycle of our systems and therefore offer an optimal parts supply.

With spare parts packages, we provide our customers with very good planning reliability and transparency in maintenance.

The configuration of the packages is tailored to customer requirements and ranges from spare parts for standard machines through wear parts packages for individual applications to upgrades for older series.

The fastest and most economical supply of all customers with high-quality products is the top priority in the spare parts service.

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The developments and technical progress in materials, molds and processes quickly lead to new requirements of the system technology, which can be implemented on already installed machines as retrofits.

The decisive factor for successful retrofitting is the combination of experience and technologies proven in practice.

All retrofits, whether standard modules or special designs, are supplied as ready-to-install complete solutions including updated documentation.

The delivery program is rounded off with extensive services, with options ranging from installation and putting into operation with instruction to complex training courses.

With retrofitting, we offer our customers economical solutions so that they can react promptly and successfully to new challenges in production.

Your advantages:
• Proven solutions
• Safety and compliance with all applicable regulations
• Adaptability to new processes through cost-effective upgrades
• Support from a single source
• Competent advice

Do you have questions about retrofitting? Contact us at:


Practical relevance, individuality, flexibility – the training opportunities from KraussMaffei are perfectly tailored to your needs. They require the use of the machine's potential to the fullest and minimization of downtime. The goal is to achieve peak productivity with your injection molding system.

Waltraud Behner-Freisinger
Telephone: +49 (0)89 88 99 41 50
Fax: +49 (0)89 88 99 15 41 50

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Used Machines

In many cases, seasonal situations can throw a company into a capacity bottleneck. Are you deliberating whether a new purchase is really worthwhile? KraussMaffei is pleased to provide the appropriate rental machines to bridge short-, medium- and long-term bottlenecks, and is available for the purchase of used machines.

We also offer the relocation of machines and complete production systems.

Please contact:

Ralph Lindner
Ralph Lindner
General Sales Manager Secondhand Equipment

Mobile:    +49 162 2785097

Our machines are well-known for their long service life. However, occasional servicing is necessary. We offer the following services:

  • Modernization and complete overhaul of machines
  • Machine performance improvements
  • Modification of machines for special applications
  • Energy consulting
  • Implementation of energy-saving measures
  • Upgrading and modernizing hydraulic screw drives
  • Recalculating the design and process engineering aspects of an injection molding machine
  • Supplying add-on and bolt-on units for all machine sizes and brands
  • Refurbishing plasticizing units
  • Modernization of control systems
  • Cycle time optimization by adding electric screw drives combined with updated control systems
  • Preassembly of modules

Please contact:

Ralph Lindner
Ralph Lindner
General Sales Manager Secondhand Equipment

Mobile:    +49 162 2785097

Are you looking to modernize your machinery? We buy back your machines and clear them for sale again following a professional overhaul.

  • Buying and selling previously owned machines
  • 12-month factory warranty for completely overhauled injection molding machines 

Please contact:

Ralph Lindner
Ralph Lindner
General Sales Manager Secondhand Equipment

Mobile:    +49 162 2785097
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Energy consulting
Plasticizing units
General overhaul and modernization

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