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SkinForm technology

The SkinForm process from KraussMaffei can be used to manufacture thermoplastic components with premium quality surfaces in one working step.



Your benefits

  • Premium quality and brilliant surfaces
  • Strong abrasion resistance of the surface
  • Ability to use all available clamping force sizes and polyurethane systems
  • Fully integrated and fully automated process
  • Minimization of logistics costs in the production of haptic components
  • Space-saving production design
  • Tried-and-tested machine technology from a single source


  • Specifically developed for haptic soft-touch surfaces
  • Matte, textured surfaces
  • Compact or foamed polyurethane-based systems
  • Perfect reproduction of the mold structure
  • A wide variety of possible thermoplastic substrates
  • Layer thicknesses of up to 15 mm normal


Swivel plate technology

The mold parting lines lie behind one another. The injection unit and mixing head for the paint finishing system are across from each other in the machine axis.

The swivel plate, which rotates around the vertical machine axis after injection of the thermoplastic and is flooded with polyurethane after the mold is clamped tight, is located in the center section.

At the same time, the next thermoplastic preform is created in the second cavity.

Index plate technology

Thermoplastic is injected into the first cavity, which is part of the index plate. Then the preform is pushed forward and rotated.

Retracting the index plate sets the preform on another mold core and floods both sides with polyurethane.

At the same time, the second cavity can be filled with thermoplastic.

Sliding table technology

Sliding table technology is perfect for beginners with low unit quantities thanks to simple upgrading of existing KraussMaffei machines. The mold consists of a core side and two cavity sides. The two thermoplastic components and polyurethane are injected sequentially.


Consumer goods
Consumer goods
Various applications
Various applications
A and C pillars for John Deere tractor
A and C pillars for John Deere tractor