The 100th GX machine supports a leading automotive supplier

Mahle expands plastics manufacturing in Brazil

(Munich, October 17, 2013) 100 GX machines in twelve months sold worldwide - a new record! Mahle is one of the 30 leading automotive suppliers in the world and specializes in manufacturing system components for combustion engines. The company put a KraussMaffei GX machine into operation in mid-2013 for its plant in Brazil. This marked the one hundredth injection molding machine of this new series that the Munich-based manufacturer installed around the world since the market launch twelve months ago.
The 100th GX machine supports a leading automotive supplier - Picture Main

Mahle supplies products to all automotive manufacturers in Brazil

Mahle occupies a top position in the South American market. As one of the market leaders for intake manifolds and a leading position for flex fuel filters, the company supplies products to all local automakers. The plant located in Mogi Guaçu in the state of São Paolo, which was built in the green countryside in 2002, has grown since then an average of around 20 percent annually. The factory is considered technologically exceptional in the global Mahle production network. "Currently, over 4,000 tons of technical plastics are processed into engine components. In the next year, we want to increase the production volume to around 5,500 tons," reports Everaldo Gonçalves, operations manager for Mahle Filter. The new GX series injection molding machines from KraussMaffei delivered in the summer have contributed greatly to supporting this growth.

Reliably manufacturing complex automotive components from plastic

The 100th GX for Mahle is a standard version of the GX 650-4300 with 6,500 kN of clamping force. Approximately 750,000 valve command covers for automobiles are manufactured on this machine per year. These innovative covers feature a special pressure lubrication channel for the valve shaft and are being manufactured by Mahle for the first time in the Brazilian plant in 16 shifts per week. "Due to the precise injection and plasticizing unit, our GX series is ideally suited for the process-stable production of sophisticated parts from technical thermoplastics parts," states Marko Zorn, Key Account Manager of the KraussMaffei brand.

The GX series is characterized by flexibility and production efficiency

The modular GX series allows the clamping unit, injection unit and drive module to be configured individually to implement individual customer requirements. Thanks to the constant height of the machine center, the modular system is compatible with all clamping/injection unit combinations. As the fastest twin-platen machine on the market, the GX offers the shortest movement times and maximum productivity. Generous mold installation dimensions increase flexibility with regard to the molds that can be used. The smooth-running mechanism reduces traction resistance by up to 80 percent and together with a hydraulic concept designed for minimum flow losses it ensures maximum energy efficiency. The newest, efficiency-optimized generation of variable delivery pumps are used in the modular drive concept of the GX series.