10 years of success for KraussMaffei in Verl

- Trustful cooperation with local customers
- Technology and information event on the occasion of the 10th anniversary
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(Verl, September 26, 2013) On September 26, 2013 KraussMaffei celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Northwest Sales and Service Center in Verl, North Rhine-Westphalia, with more than 100 guests. The event program included interesting technical talks and a live demonstration of innovative machines and automation solutions in the TechCenter. The other special focal points were control technology and, here in particular, the new MC6 control system with its extended functions and easier operation.

Fully equipped TechCenter for training courses and tests

Four exhibits in the TechCenter provided the more than 100 event participants with an overview of the wide range of innovative injection molding solutions from KraussMaffei. There was also a live demonstration of two hydraulic and two electric machines in the GX, CX and AX Series, as well as 6-arm industrial robots and LRX linear robots for parts handling. "Here in Verl, we act as a customer-oriented sales and service center for northwest Germany. We have been cooperating, in particular, with processors from our region in a spirit of trust for ten years. Over this period of time we have offered them numerous opportunities to test machines here in our TechCenter. We also actively support our customers by staging training courses which show them how they can make their processes more efficient through the use of our products and innovative technologies. We also coordinate all engineer deployments and spare parts deliveries in northwest Germany from Verl. This enables us to react very quickly to customers' requirements," emphasized Reinhardt Rühmer, Head of the Sales and Service Center in Verl. The TechCenter contains, for example, training units for injection molding machines and robot technology, as well as training equipment for the new MC6 control system, but also for older control system variants.

Wide range of innovative injection molding solutions

A fully automatic packaging application was demonstrated on a GX 450-4350 as one example from the wide KraussMaffei portfolio. During this application a container was removed from the injection molding machine by an IR KR 60 industrial robot. Especially with short cycle times which are required in the packaging industry, the perfect harmony between the injection molding machine and the automation system plays a decisive role. The machines in the GX Series, which have enjoyed great success since 2012, offer ideal conditions in this respect thanks to their fast two-platen clamping unit, the optimized hydraulics, the proven efficient plasticizing units and the new MC6 control system for the machine and automation system. A CX 160-750 with a LRX 100 linear robot could also be inspected in a standard application. The demonstration was completed by two machine exhibits from the all-electric AX Series, an AX 180-750 with a LRX 150, which also produced a packaging part, and a small standard AX 50-180.

Further insights in talks on machine and process technology

Intelligent automation technology now forms an integral part of numerous injection molding solutions. In addition to standard 'pick-and-place‘ applications, this mainly applies to complex tasks in the area of insertion technologies for metal parts or films and to demolding of parts from the mold area and downstream process steps through to order picking and packing. Using the new MC6 control system, it is possible to control the machine, automation and peripherals from any operating terminal. It also features an improved man-machine interface which makes it much easier to program linear and 6-arm robots. Thanks to software modules from a program library, machine operators can now also program the devices via the graphic user interface without the need for in-depth programming knowledge. However, all features for individual programming are also naturally available.

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