As easy as using a smartphone

- The new, intuitive, easy-to-use MC6 Multitouch control system for injection molding machines from KraussMaffei sets new standards
- A 24-inch screen and engraved guiding lines increase user-friendliness
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(Munich, March 26, 2015) With the new MC6 Multitouch control system, KraussMaffei is the first and only provider on the market to offer an easy-to-use control system for injection molding machines in a capacitive 24-inch Multitouch screen design. Even complex production processes can be controlled through gestures. It is as easy as using a smartphone. Moreover, the guideways ground into the glass allow operators to control all axes on the machine without looking at the screen.

Swiping instead of pressing

Cell phones, tablets and smartphones have accustomed people to new ways of interacting with devices. It is only logical that user interfaces on machine control systems are being brought into line with this development. The new MC6 Multitouch control system is an enormous step forward for KraussMaffei. "With the new MC6 Multitouch, there is no need for injection molding machine operators to apply physical pressure with their fingers. Displays can be controlled through gestures with two or more fingers. These include swiping movements and spreading your fingers to zoom," says Günther Grimm, Head of Software and Control Technology at KraussMaffei, summarizing the advantages. The new MC6 Multitouch control system allows operators to control multiple actions simultaneously. This means, for example, that the configuration screens can be operated at the same time a machine button is pressed.

Individually configurable

The increase in the size of the screen diagonal from 19 inches to 24 inches at the same width created an additional area with a height of approximately 150 mm and improved the layout and user-friendliness. "Operators can define their favorite screen pages in this area as they wish," says Grimm. Options include pages from the injection molding machines or robots, or the page can display the coolant flow or the live picture from a camera: Each operator can individually configure the preferred screen display. When operators sign in on the machine with their RFID badge, the system presents them with an individualized screen. This enables the operator to have personalized control of the system quickly.

No-look operation

"Many customers also requested the ability to run machine movements without looking at the screen," continues Grimm. A conventional touchscreen display cannot ensure this. Together with its partners, KraussMaffei has developed a special innovation to address this very issue: the SlideX guideway ground into the glass. This enables mold setters to control all axes on a machine without looking at the screen. The command finger is led in the guideway and cannot slip out. The further the operator moves the finger to the right or left, the faster the movement is. A robot can also be integrated to move the axes using the SlideX.

Great market reception

At Fakuma in Fall 2014, the Multitouch system was presented for the first time in its current form. "Since then, we have received plenty of positive feedback and inquiries. Concrete demand is also shaping up really well," states Grimm. KraussMaffei has successfully completed numerous projects since the beginning of the year. Demand from the US is particularly high because companies there prefer graphical input and easy operation. "The MC6 Multitouch accommodates these requests better than any other system to date," concludes Grimm. The new, intuitive MC6 Multitouch can be used for all five machine series from KraussMaffei: AX, CX, EX, GX and MX.

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