Easy-to-use robot operation from KraussMaffei

- Robot control system drives the injection molding machine
- Robot programming made easy
- From simple pick & place applications to complex production cells
- Appearance at the K 2013 trade show under the motto "Trendgineering"
Easy-to-use robot operation from KraussMaffei - Picture Main

(Munich, June 12, 2013) Effortless robot programming and flexible automation platforms which can be installed quickly are the focus of KraussMaffei Automationstechnik at K2013 in Düsseldorf (October 16-23, Hall 15, B27 / C24 / C27 / D24). The core competence ranges from linear devices for simpler pick & place applications to complex, customer-specific production units with industry robots or a combination.

More than just a control cabinet – the MC6 control system

Unique to the market – the injection molding machines can also be programmed and moved using the robot control panel (handheld pendant). This particular advantage of the MC6 was made possible by integrating the robot user interfaces in the machine control system. Machines and robots can be programmed and operated from every control cabinet. This mutual access makes the operator's work on complex and large production cells easier and saves him walking around the machine.

Robot programming with "WizardX" – clear and transparent

For the linear robot with the MC6 control system from KraussMaffei there is the "WizardX," a new online programming assistant, in addition to the proven offline programming tool. "The programming of robots has never been so easy," explains Frank Peters, Vice President of Sales at KraussMaffei. "Intuitive operator guidance offers the user effective assistance during programming - quick and simple in just 4 steps."
With help of the clearly structured graphic interface basic programs can be created and also learned in a very short space of time without any programming knowledge. An error-free programming code is created for the robot, which can then be adjusted simply and individually to the respective application. The compact design of the new handheld pendant for the LRX series delivers high performance. The perfect ergonomics and lightweight design facilitate the work of the operator.

Simplified programming of complex sequences of movements

The constantly growing number of standard industry robots in the IR series also leads to an increasing demand for simplified programming. With "ProgTechX" a revolutionary programming support is available for the complex kinematics, which simplifies communication between humans and industry robots significantly. "ProgTechX" reduces the complexity when inputting important data. Error-free programs are compiled for industry robots in considerably less time using the so-called command library and in-line forms. The graphic interface facilitates finding and using certain commands from the library. By clicking on the button the respective command is added to the program and the necessary details are defined by means of the relevant in-line form. Logic or typing errors cannot occur.

"VisuX" user interface – overview of key functions

Following the successful programming of the industry robot it should also be relatively easy to operate the robot in the daily production plant. With "VisuX" KraussMaffei has developed a user interface which makes available the necessary information to the operator in a clear and transparent manner. For "VisuX" this information is grouped into seven pages and displayed transparently, quite similar to linear robots. The operator is able to diagnose the current manufacturing process at any time and make any necessary adjustments. Thanks to the consistent design of the user interfaces it is very easy for an operator familiar with the control system to find his bearings in the "VisuX" user interface. He is therefore able to access the relevant information quickly.

Extensive engineering know-how for injection molding machinery

With over 30 years of experience in the automation of injection molding processes, KraussMaffei Automation boasts extensive know-how and expertise in many areas of application. From simple pick & place applications to complex production cells, linear machines and side-entry robots through to industry robots. New approaches for customer-oriented production solutions regularly emerge in KraussMaffei, particularly in conjunction with experts for machinery and plant engineering. From integrated production cells based on the CX or AX series with approx. 30 percent saving on floor space in comparison to standard automation solutions through to customer-specific machines for highly complex automation and assembly processes.

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