KraussMaffei presents large GX machine for the first time at K 2013

- Globally successful GX series now available with clamping forces up to 9000 kN
- Appearance at K 2013 trade show under the motto "Trendgineering“
KraussMaffei presents large GX machine for the first time at K 2013 - Picture Main

(Munich, June 12, 2013) The GX series has successfully established itself worldwide one year after launching on the market. KraussMaffei is therefore expanding the range of machines in the GX series and for the first time presents the new model with 900 tons clamping force at K 2013 in Düsseldorf (October 16-23, Hall 15, B27 / C24 / C27 / D24). With a cycle time of 7 seconds the machine produces packaging product, whereby KraussMaffei impressively corroborates the performance of the GX series as the fastest 2-platen machine on the market.

Fastest 2-platen machine in new sizes

With the sizes 750 and 900, as well as the 6100 and 8100 injection units, the combination options of the GX series will be extended from K 2013 to 44 types in the clamping force range from 400 to 900 tons. The machines are optimally adapted to every production task using different PowerPack drive modules. "Minimal cycle times with ideal efficiency. The GX series impresses our customers with its quick movements and minimal energy consumption," confirms Frank Peters, Vice President of Sales at KraussMaffei. "The high demand from the market is further confirmation of this."

Fully automated production in 7 seconds

At K 2013 a GX 900-8100 demonstrates the performance for quick cycle times, as required for products from the logistics and packaging industry. With a high-speed application with an overall cycle time of 7 seconds, the parts are demolded using a linear robot and transferred to a second robot by a "handshake". The two LRX 250 HS robots are designed in a high-speed version. This guarantees a short demolding time, as well as reliable de-stacking in the available time. Robots and machine are equipped with the MC6 control system. The automation and the machine can thus be operated from every control cabinet. A visible monitoring function for the working area constantly provides the operator with a view of the robot's working area on the display and facilitates tooling and optimization processes.

Production efficiency thanks to engineering and system competence

The aim of every plastics processor is maximum machine production time. With its project engineering and system competence KraussMaffei offers qualified support in the search for an optimal solution for every customer. At K 2013 the company shows a fully automated solution for horizontal mold change on the GX 900-8100. This is ideal for production plants with frequent mold changes, which are the result of small lot sizes or released quantities. The processors benefit from reduced storage and JIT (just in time) delivery to the customer. 

Fully automated mold change for quick machine setup

Together with its partner EAS, KraussMaffei presents a quick change system with fully automated production conversion within three minutes. In this time the preheated mold from the mold changing table is inserted in the machine and secured in the machine using magnetic clamping plates. The connections for the media supply are provided by multi-coupling systems. Both robots operate independently of the gripper station using the hand compatible for the current mold. The MC6 control system is simple to program and guarantees smooth processing of all processes for automatic production conversion, including timely warm-up phase and preparation.

KraussMaffei presents large GX machine for the first time at K 2013 - Picture 1
KraussMaffei presents large GX machine for the first time at K 2013 - Picture 2
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