Milestone for large machines

- KraussMaffei commissions the largest injection molding machine to date, the MX 5500 with 5500 tons of clamping force, at Weber GmbH & Co. KG
- Manufacturing of large waste containers for global demand
Milestone for large machines - Picture Main

(Munich, January 19, 2015) KraussMaffei has successfully commissioned its first large machine with a clamping force of 5500 tons. Since October 2014 the MX 5500 - 75000/75000 at Weber GmbH & Co. KG in Rhenish Haan has been producing large-volume waste containers for the global market. The scope of delivery also included another large machine from KraussMaffei: an MX 4500 - 75000.

Made for the very big stuff

The reasons behind investing in two new large machines at Weber were to purchase new molds and, in doing so, to attain greater capacity and the desired greater flexibility in manufacturing. Large waste containers with a volume of 660 to 1100 liters are slated for production. "The manufacturing of large volume containers for waste disposal requires the use of large molds. The high shot weights and long flow paths require high clamping forces," says Helmut Guntermann, managing director at Weber, as he describes the particular task. "The new injection molding machines must also produce locking forces of at least 4500 or 5500 tons. The new KraussMaffei machines offered us the best option for our requirements."

In addition to the technical advantages of the MX series, the details behind the implementation showcase the value of the machines as well. These details include the solid design of the machine bed and the mold fixing platens as well as the lengthened and widened sliding shoes. An added bonus was the guide for the tiebars in the movable mold plate across the entire opening width of the clamping unit. In short, these technical details provide the best conditions for operation with process reliability using heavy molds of up to 150 tons.

Large machines of the MX series are principally characterized by the hydro-mechanical twin-platen clamping unit developed by KraussMaffei. It is particularly compact in design, fast in production and low-maintenance in operation. The locking system is designed for short cycles with precise positioning. Thanks to platen parallelism, the mold is protected and high part quality is ensured. "Furthermore, the MX series scores points with its high melt quality and superb shot weight consistency," adds Klaus Wimberger, Head of Design Engineering at KraussMaffei. For the design and implementation of the new large machines for Weber, the KraussMaffei Design Engineering department worked closely together with the people responsible at Weber, resulting in a successful system solution.

Tailored customer solution

"KraussMaffei not only stayed within standards when designing the machines, but also provided the perfect response to our specific requirements. That was a clear benefit," Guntermann continues. The many years of good experience with the large KraussMaffei machines already present among the company's machinery have also proven their value to the customer. The new MX 5500 and MX 4500 are both equipped with state-of-the-art automation solutions, specifically an LRX 1000 linear handling unit (X stroke of 3000 mm).

More information about Weber

Abfallbehälter & Container Weber GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1969 and is known for precisely manufactured waste disposal containers of all common sizes and designs. All products are manufactured by the company at its Haan location in accordance with the specifications of DIN EN 840. The consistently high quality of these products is ensured by continuous internal and external tests and certifications. The company's customers include municipalities, waste disposal companies and industrial firms throughout the world.