World's 2,000th MX machine sold by KraussMaffei

– MX 1300 injection molding machine sent to UK automotive supplier Sanko Gosei
– Manufacturing of multi-component parts
World's 2,000th MX machine sold by KraussMaffei - Picture Main

(Munich, July 1st, 2015) The success story of the large injection molding machines of the KraussMaffei MX series continues. A MX 1300 was sold to processor Sanko Gosei in Skelmersdale, Lancashire/UK, and thus is the 2,000th MX machine on the market worldwide. Sanko Gosei is a major supplier to the automotive industry.

Multicomponent technology

The MX 1300 is used with a clamping force of 13,000 kN and additional bolt-on injection unit in L design for manufacturing hard-soft components out of PP and TPE for the automotive industry. "The KraussMaffei MX series features outstanding repeatability and a stable process control. This makes it a perfect match for the strict quality requirements of the automotive industry and especially Sanko Gosei", explains Mike Bate, Managing Director of KraussMaffei Group UK Ltd. The MX 1300 receives support in automation through an LRX 350 linear robot. The version with longitudinal discharge is particularly space-saving. KraussMaffei is a system supplier to Sanko Gosei, providing all components such as the MX 1300 injection molding machine with bolt-on injection unit, linear robot and control system from a single source.

More about the MX series

Machines of the MX series are principally characterized by the hydro-mechanical twin-platen clamping unit developed by KraussMaffei. It is particularly compact in design, fast in production and low-maintenance in operation. The locking system is designed for short cycles with precise positioning. Thanks to platen parallelism, the mold is protected and high part quality is ensured. Furthermore, the MX series features outstanding melt quality and especially good shot weight consistency.