Modular and flexible: RimStar Compact 16/16 from KraussMaffei

– Premiere at the Fakuma for a versatile polyurethane mixing and metering system in the midrange area
– Easy connection of customer-specific configurations
Modular and flexible: RimStar Compact 16/16 from KraussMaffei - Picture Main

(Munich/Friedrichshafen October 14, 2015) KraussMaffei is presenting the RimStar Compact 16/16 at the Fakuma (Hall A7, Booth 7303/7304). The mixing and metering system for polyurethane (PUR) is consistently designed in accordance to the modular principle and thus provides maximum flexibility during the selection of suitable configurations.

A master of versatility

"The RimStar series is a master of versatility and is suitable for all areas of application of PUR processing. The RimStar Compact 16/16 displayed at the Fakuma is perfectly coordinated to the needs in the average field of application," says Steffen Bauer, Sales Manager of Reaction Process Machinery, Germany at KraussMaffei. It has a discharge capacity area of 40 to 550 g/s with a mixture ratio of 1:1. RimStar series machines can be flexibly configured thanks to their modular design and can therefore be adapted to all customer-specific requests. These include, for example, the connection and integration of multi-point meterings, peripheral devices, material supply or robots. Furthermore, the RimStar Compact design is appealing with its space-saving concept. The machine is entirely installed on a single base frame together with the control cabinet.

Exact metering and more operating convenience

The wear-optimized high-pressure pumps in the RimStar Series, which were developed and produced in-house by KraussMaffei, also permit exact and reliable metering of different matrix components.

The trade show exhibit is equipped with the new Siemens control system with control panel TP1200 Comfort. The TP1200 has a new and improved display with a colored 12.1" widescreen TFT. The control device can be installed in the control cabinet and can optionally be delivered as a mobile device.

Long service life and repeatability

The transfer mixing head MK 8/12 ULKP-2KVV ensures a laminar and splash-free pouring of the mixture into open molds and is particularly designed for the processing of hard-to-mix systems. Furthermore, it is also characterized by its high reproducibility and long service life.

The optional supplementary Vario nozzle provides additional advantages. It keeps the pressure constant in the mixing head, even during fast replacements in the output rate of the polyurethane components. This means it is possible to produce components of various sizes and hardnesses with consistently high quality. Processors benefit above all from high flexibility in the system assignment with large and small components, which require correspondingly large and small discharge capacities. This adaptability is made possible by the large adjustment range—the nozzle keeps the pressure in the mixing head constant up to a ratio of 1:5 using a mass flow adjustment range. In this way, it ensures high mixing quality and a constant mixture ratio. During the process, the Vario nozzle also features high repeatability and particularly good consistency in pressure and quantity.

Modular and flexible: RimStar Compact 16/16 from KraussMaffei - Picture 1
Modular and flexible: RimStar Compact 16/16 from KraussMaffei - Picture 2