Quantum leap for industrial robot control systems

- KraussMaffei is the first to integrate the new Multisubmit function into the MC6 operating concept of its injection molding machines
- A central control system enables simultaneous operation of multiple peripheral processes
Quantum leap for industrial robot control systems - Picture Main

(Munich, January 27, 2015) KraussMaffei is the first injection molding machine provider on the market to integrate the new Multisubmit control function into the MC6 operating concept of its industrial robots. Starting in January 2015, the new programming function, in conjunction with KUKA KR C4 Version 8.3 (Win 7), is available in the KraussMaffei control system. Customers will benefit from a central control system that can carry out multiple peripheral processes simultaneously.

With the new programming function (Multisubmit), KraussMaffei has expanded its own ProgTechX command library. The diagnostic and pneumatic functions, as well as variable monitoring, are displayed via the KraussMaffei MC6 VisuX visualization. "The new Multisubmit programming function complements our proven MC6 operating concept perfectly. Central system control, programming and operation can be carried out via the handheld terminal of the robot. In addition, the complex integration of an additional PLC (programmable logic controller) is omitted in a wide range of applications. Basically, system operation is being centralized and, in turn, simplified," states Thomas Marufke, Managing Director of KraussMaffei Automation GmbH, explaining the advantages. Furthermore, the amount of training effort required for machine operators is decreasing. Additional expertise for programming an additional PLC is no longer required. This reduces the acquisition costs. The handheld terminal of the robot with KraussMaffei MC6 VisuX visualization, combined with the ProgTechX command library, form the central programming and operating element here. A product change or system expansion can be carried out with ease.

What is Multisubmit

A submit interpreter is a KRL program (KUKA Robot Language) that runs parallel to the robot program. Until now, there was just one submit interpreter (Singlesubmit) in the robot control system. With the release of the new KUKA KR C4 Version 8.3 (Win7), seven independently operating subinterpreters were added to this function (Multisubmit). The main application of Multisubmit is the activation of external, peripheral components operating simultaneously, such as conveyor belts with separators, assembly stations and drawer systems and magazines.