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Automotive interior

Complete value creation from a single source: In addition to the polyurethane processing machines, KraussMaffei also supplies molds, mold carriers and trimmer technology for projects in the automotive interior.


The requirements for modern mold carriers for instrument panel back-foaming are versatile and complex. Our molds are designed specifically for your application.

Each system for manufacturing articles from flexible foam requires a quality standard down to the smallest detail. It is therefore a good idea for everything to come from a single source – from one experienced manufacturer who sets the bar for quality extremely high.


Flexible foam systems are generally processed on high-pressure metering machines. while high mixing quality ensures splash-free pouring into the mold. Semi-rigid foam is the manufacturing of door side panels, arm rests and center consoles.

Functional parts in the automobile such as steering wheel, shift knobs, grips or arm rests are often made from PU soft integral foams that combine both an excellent look and feel with high wear resistance. Designers are offered various design options in relation to geometry and surface structure.

KraussMaffei provides you with the right systems engineering to be able to produce premium quality parts. The system concepts are adapted to the custom requirements and consist of metering technology, mold carriers, molds and the required peripherals.

Acoustic foams are used in carpets, bulkhead panels or motor casings. The goal is to both absorb airborne noise and dampen structure-borne noise to reduce the interior noise emissions to a minimum. Here, carpets can be back-foamed completely or only partially. A specific spray application of highly filled PU systems can partially influence noise properties.

KraussMaffei provides you with the right systems engineering to be able to produce premium quality components. The system concepts are adapted to the custom requirements and consist of filler handling, metering technology, if necessary spray technology for highly filled PU systems, mold carriers, molds and the required peripherals for completing the entire machine. Depending on the system concept, circular tables can also be used for holding the mold carriers and molds.

KraussMaffei defines scoring as the process used to attach a predetermined breaking point in the airbag area into the decorated film of instrument panels.

Deflashing parts that have been back-injected with film involves the fully automated removal of left-over bits of paint. This occurs using a special deflashing tool, where an industrial robot guides the special deflashing tool along the part contour.


  • System-neutral consulting
  • Precisely adapted technologies
  • Short cycle times
  • High material and energy efficiency
  • High overall equipment efficiency (OEE)

Core Features

  • Metering machines that are among the best in the world
  • Mixing heads that apply many decades of application technology expertise
  • Mold carriers of all commonly available models – for optimal process design
  • Automation systems that KraussMaffei has already used to bring many more than 1,000 pieces into service
  • Transport systems for the rational production process of the mold carriers
  • Post-mold processing systems
  • Safety devices such as protective fences, safety mats and locking devices
  • Peripheral units of all types



Operating area

  • The feed-in area is designed to be extremely ergonomic and provides an equally excellent setup for an automated feed unit.
  • The majority of the waste in the operating area is collected in the available waste tray and fed to the central waste system inside the machine.

Rotary double door / wall

Our RoutingStar milling machine is equipped standard with rotary double doors in the front operating area. The large acrylic windows provide a wide vantage point of the current status of workpiece holder in the operating area. The rotary wall of the machine rotates vertically and consists of two large holder areas.


Milling tool / spindle

  • KraussMaffei uses premium quality spindles and milling tools as its standard.
  • Milling tools 6 mm in diameter are used for normal cutting dimensions.
  • Generally, a smaller milling tool (d=2-3 mm) is used in the carrier for scoring airbags.
  • Optionally, a suction bell is available that extracts the chips right after the cutting process

Polishable tool steel


Rotary sealing surface


Positioning of inserts


Polished to a high gloss



Pivoting receiver

Pivoting receiver for excellent ergonomic handling combined with the extended trimming options.

Ram trimming via vertical stroke.


Slider assembly

Customized precision cutting units tailored to the product. Knife, stamper, scraper. The use of various circuit assignments makes it possible to represent complex geometry without any danger of a collision.


Supply unit

The low design and small space requirements of the TrimStar make it the ideal solution for your component. It also provides extremely high machine safety.

Flexible design of the waste disposal (conveyor belts) with exit on the left, right or rear possible.


Proven electric drive concept


Compact mold moving unit


Large swivel range for optimum accessibility


Controllable venting through flexible sealing systems


Deflashing tool

  • Deflashing tool for removing left-over bits of paint from parts that have been back-injected with film.


  • The workpiece holder is equipped with an extraction system, ensuring that loosened particles are captured by the flow and removed.

Operating area

  • The feed-in area (push tray) is designed to be extremely ergonomic and provides an equally excellent setup for an automated feed unit.
  • The workpiece holders can be replaced with other holders.
  • Numerous programs can be created and stored for additional product parts.

Large swivel range for optimum accessibility


Mold cassette and mold moving unit


Ergonomics optimization through vertical mixing head connection


Bottom mold / workpiece holder

  • Segmented matrix structure
  • Part and part storage requests
  • Part lifter

Knife, stamper, scraper

  • Compact pusher (hydraulic)
  • Punch blades
  • Hold-down devices



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