CCM mixing head

CCM mixing head open overlay
CCM mixing head - Ceramic bushing

Ceramic bushing

  • Ceramic bushing on the outlet pipe, reduction in adhesive force caused by the material
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CCM mixing head - High-pressure filter

High-pressure filter

  • High-pressure filter right on the mixing head to prevent the ingress of dirt
  • Prevention of contamination in transparent part
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CCM mixing head - Pressure/temperature sensors and cartridge heaters

Pressure/temperature sensors and cartridge heaters

  • Component attachment block with integrated filter
  • Heating from cartridge heater
  • Connection of pressure and temperature sensors

Elegant decorations with depth effect in a one-shot process

In an automated CCM (Clear Coat Molding) process, premium quality parts are flow-coated with a transparent two-component polyurethane system. CCM mixing heads guarantee optimal temperature control for extremely delicate raw materials like wood. Even small output rates are mixed perfectly and poured into the mold cavity without bubbles.

Core features

  • Mixing the raw material components in a high-pressure, counterflow injection process
  • Special injection angle arrangement (VV technology)
  • High-pressure filter, temperature control and pressure sensor right on the mixing head
  • Cartridge heaters for processing temperatures of up to 110 °C
  • Ceramic bushing in the outlet pipe

Benefits for the customer

Filling procedure with perfect mixing and output into the cavity free of bubbles for optimal part quality
Exceptional reliability and long service life
High flexibility in nozzle technology
Self-cleaning, maintenance-friendly design



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