Comet Nano

The piston machine operating on the tandem principle

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Comet Nano - Tandem principle: Two metering pistons for each component

Tandem principle: Two metering pistons for each component

  • Tandem piston unit for PU mixtures containing fillers
  • Two pistons for each PU component
  • Precise and reliable metering
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Comet Nano - Proven tank design

Proven tank design

  • Double-walled tank for constant component temperature
  • Tank with agitator and level monitoring
  • Various agitator geometries for optimum distribution of fillers
  • Option for connecting additional components

Outstanding product quality

The Comet series shows its strengths when it comes to processing polyurethane formulations with abrasive fillers. It is also perfectly in tune with our guiding principle of providing immense machine flexibility in order to enable cost-effective use in the widest variety of projects. The Comet Nano metering machine is ideal for processing very small material quantities for filled PU systems. Thanks to its modular design, it also supports flexible configuration, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Core features:

  • Low pressure loss thanks to optimized distances between components
  • Two tandem piston units, one for metering polyol and one for isocyanate
  • Continuous feed flow: While one piston meters out the component, the second piston takes it in
  • Electrically driven piston metering
  • One-piece engineering framework
  • Control cabinet installed on the frame
  • Compact Siemens S7 control system with PUC08
  • Proven use in PU systems with abrasive fillers for small quantity output

Benefits for the customer

Constant process parameters even for filled systems
Outstanding component quality thanks to precise control technology
Maximum production and process reliability
Adherence to the most precise output rates and shot weights
Precision at high and low flow rates
Numerous additional features for meeting the most varied production requirements