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The KraussMaffei glass encapsulation is a reliable option to safely and tightly adjust glazings. During this process, the window is inserted in a mold and overmolded with a compact PU system.


  • Extremely precise metering of even the smallest mass flows
  • Glazings are sealed safely and reliably
  • Low mold pressures allow use of economical production systems
  • Less chance of damage to glass
  • Polyurethane compensates tolerances, counteracting the risk of crack formation

Core features

  • Sealing washers using PU material
  • Compensation of the tolerances of washers
  • Complete turnkey production concept from KraussMaffei
  • Process-optimized metering machine, mixing head and mold carrier


Audi A6 sunroof
Audi A6 sunroof
VW Golf sunroof
VW Golf sunroof


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