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Fiber Composite Spraying (FCS)

Fiber Composite Spraying (FCS) is a very flexible process for short-run production. By pouring a combination of different PU layers, its possible to produce composite parts exactly matched to specific applications. The FCS process is ideal for high-strength, very rigid, large-format, visible parts required in small quantities. The process uses only a simple negative mold without a mold carrier.

Each different layer can be made completely or partially of compact or foamed material, with or without fiber reinforcement. This way, nearly any wall thickness can be created. Only one mold-half is necessary. The surfaces of the medium-sized or large parts can be finished with a thermoformed film or using IMP (In Mold Painting).


  • Low investment costs
  • Premium quality surface
  • Automated manufacturing for small series
  • Rigid, weight-optimized part in sandwich structure (with honeycomb core)
  • Local adaptation of strengths
  • Particularly suited for small numbers of pieces

Core features

  • Flexible layering from filled, unfilled and foamed layers
  • Spraying into the negative mold, easy molds
  • fiber content up to approximately 25%, fiber lengths between 5 and 20 mm


Car rear shelf
Car rear shelf
Hood for construction machine
Hood for construction machine




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