FTR mold carrier series

FTR mold carrier series open overlay

Adaptations to the design engineering based on customer or product-specific special features, e.g. mold measurements and process-specific clamping forces, required mold functions such as ejectors or swivel angles to ensure a perfect reaction process

User-friendly and modular

The FTR mold carriers are characterized by fast clamping movements together with a high level of platen parallelism. Easy accessibility allows maximum flexibility for operation and automation.
Their clamping force and clamping-force distribution are a further sign of their quality. The strength-optimized frame structure of the mold carriers, in combination with a locking device, ensures an optimal force flow when closing the mold halves. The modular structure enables adaptation to very specific customer requirements. Additionally, this concept offers the option of implementing helpful auxiliary devices quickly and easily.
Optionally, the complete clamping unit can be tilted to improve the position for foaming, venting and curing. Additional functions such as core-pulling units and ejectors make manufacturing technically complicated parts easier.

Core features

Versatile, solid, modular, multifunctional and user-friendly
Rigid design engineering
Very easily accessible
Adjustment to customer-specific requirements

Benefits for the customer

Broad range of applications, from the TechCenter to mass production
The appropriate product for everyone with numerous specialized mold carrier variants available
Adaptations to individualized customer requirements from the range of options are possible
Rigid design engineering synchronized with a hydraulic parallel stroke makes using molds that are not inherently rigid possible
Quiet and hitchless sequence of movements thanks to standard proportional hydraulic systems
Open design for simplified mold change or fixed mixing head installation during closed foaming.
Very easily accessible and operable
Excellent ergonomics