Mixing head for high-pressure RTM

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Release agent module

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MK 10-2 RTM linear mixing head

For RTM processes with high-pressure mixing

This compact and high-efficiency linear mixing head is ideal for processing quick-curing resin systems in a high-pressure RTM process for manufacturing lightweight and high-strength components. Epoxy, PU and PA are used to achieve short cycle times in this approach.

Core features

  • High degree of process reliability and repeatability
  • Self-cleaning mixing head
  • Optional ability to add release agent at the mixing head with a variable portion of release agent in the resin from shot to shot
  • Can be used at high mold temperatures
  • Sealing system pressure-resistant to mold cavity pressures

Benefits for the customer

Fast filling of the mold for processing highly reactive, fast-reacting resin systems in favor of short cycle times
Production of high-strength components in large quantities and excellent surface quality
Option of building up high inner pressure inside the cavity in order to wet/soak longer flow paths and complex 3D geometry
When using the optional addition of release agent at the mixing head: Cycle time savings because the release agent does not have to be applied in another process step


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